8 Podcasts to Make the Most of Your Travel Time

Spending a lot of time driving for work? Bored of classic rock and that monotonous talk radio? When you’re on the way to your next business stop and in need of some inspiration, knowledge, or a good laugh, check out these eight podcasts to keep you entertained as you travel.

1. This American Life

In this radio classic, you will hear a variety of non-fiction stories that explore the highs and lows of ordinary life in the United States. With comedians, poets, and storytellers often featured in this hour-long program, This American Life will keep you riveted.

2. Radio Lab

In this primarily scientific podcast, hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich take you through the mysterious, even enlightening world of science and technology. Covering topics like the origins of Candid Camera, video games that explore grief, and the rare gene that may immunize you against Rabies, this weekly podcast will leave you with another exciting tidbit of knowledge to share at your next happy hour.

3. Reply All

Reply All is a “show about the internet”—the good, the bad, and the ugly of the web. PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman invite you to hear listeners’ most embarrassing online moments, show you the “evil” side of the internet, and even explain how to cure your own mysterious disease…by going online.

4. Serial

A fan favorite, Serial has become a cult-classic in a matter of months. This told in-real-time podcast follows a controversial murder trial from the year 1999. The best part? This podcast has gotten so popular that the case has been reopened, and even the Maryland Court of Special Appeals is listening.

5. Sawbones

A husband and wife team up to explore the bizarre, beautiful, gross, and just plain wrong medical ideas we humans have thought up through the centuries. This delightful duo makes learning about medical history highly entertaining, if not a little unsettling.

6. The Moth

This storytelling podcast throws some emotional punches as authors, poets, actors, and everyday people tell their true stories live. The podcast is all about the ubiquitous human experience, and you’ll inevitably be engrossed in each tale.

7. Planet Money

For the economists in all of us. Believe it or not, this podcast makes finances fun! Learn about the economics of everything from Birkin Bags to Kentucky Fried Chicken in this engaging twice-weekly show.

8. What’s Tech?

This podcast makes the world of technology easy to understand. With twenty minute episodes breaking down tidbits of technological trends, the hosts explain the “hows” and “whys” of the latest in the tech world. The hosts tackle topics like Snapchat, smart watches, drones, and the future of tech.

Spending hours on the road traveling for work can be tough, but these downloadable podcasts can make your journey more interesting and educational. Mobile workers who drive every day for business can stay occupied and challenged by listening to hard-hitting, current, and moving stories on the road.

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