Who We Are


Technology has radically transformed the way we live, creating new forms of communication and new ways of looking at how we blend our professional and personal lives.

Motus believes in pushing these new technologies to provide mobile workers with the freedom to allocate their time in ways that make them happiest. In order to achieve our mission, we strive to remain curious, brave, and exceptional.


A child asks 300 questions a day. By middle school, the number is down to practically none. By adulthood, our disposition toward questioning can range from the timid to the hostile. – Harvard Business Review

Our curiosity inspires us to learn every day and seek new frontiers of innovation. We are curious enough to keep searching for ways to improve, even when others think the job is done. We know the job is never finished and that yesterday’s solution is not always the best for today.


There is nothing that will stop us from succeeding, because we’re brave enough to risk failing in an effort to discover something that will make a difference. We believe that an environment of bravery is critical to allow our team members to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and innovate to solve for our clients’ needs.


Very few individuals are exceptional, but individuals who strive to be exceptional come together to form winning teams. We share a common drive to do better – to be better. Our team chooses the hard right over the easy wrong. We know the greater our success, the better life will be for those we serve.

Our Commitment to Culture

Winning cultures win, even when they should lose. Losing cultures lose, even when they should win. At Motus, our culture is at the core of who we are. Culture is not a dress code, company-provided meals or an event. It is made up of the shared values, attitudes, standards and beliefs that characterize us individually, and as members of the Motus team.