Who We Serve

Keeping the Mobile Workforce in Motion

By 2020 mobile workers will account for 72% of the total US workforce, the vast majority of whom use a vehicle to conduct business. Their daily lives are consumed with administrative tasks like reporting on productivity, expenses, and activities associated with conducting business on the road. Mobile workers who use their vehicles for business span companies of all sizes and represent such industries as Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, and Utilities, to name a few. Creating efficiencies in the lives of the ever-growing mobile workforce is what drives us every day.

Our mobile workers are individuals who rely on a non-specialty vehicle and smart device to do their jobs. They rarely get on planes or stay in hotels. Their days are spent on the road, and their cars and mobile technology serve as their office. Annually, Motus members spend 175 days on the road, make more than 650 business trips and accumulate 18,000 business miles. They rely on our technology to enhance their lives, boost productivity and to ensure their expenses are being reimbursed accurately.

Trusted Brands Trust Motus

Our clients range from big brands like Coke and Kellogg’s to smaller industry start-ups you probably haven’t heard of…yet. These clients—no matter their size—depend on our dynamic technology so that their mobile employees have the freedom to operate efficiently while being reimbursed accurately.