The Smarketing Team Reflects on Another Successful Year The Smarketing Team Reflects on Another Successful Year
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The Smarketing Team Reflects on Another Successful Year

By Motus January 31, 2022

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2021 may not have been everything we expected it to be, but we made the most of it. As a company, we met our quarterly and annual goals. There are so many people to thank for their hard work across the organization. Everyone in the Motus team played a significant part and we could not be prouder of what we’ve accomplished together. That being said, at our last Quarterly Business Review, we celebrated the contributions from top performing sales representatives, account management, business development representatives and marketers. Here, we recognize them and their hard work.  

Rookies of the Year 

Kaitlyn O’Connell – Rookie Marketer of the Year 

The SMB team had an incredible year, and the leads Kaitlyn worked hard to influence—with content, emails and ads—made the year, and especially Q4, very successful. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the award Rookie Marketer of the Year. 

Sophia Gourley – Rookie New Logo Seller of the Year 

Any move into a quota carrying role has its ups and downs. Sophia Gourley met those challenges head on and put together a truly outstanding year. She finished over 200% of her goal, working hard and setting the tone for new hires in terms of output and activity level. We look forward to seeing what she accomplishes in her second year as a Regional Sales Executive.  

Kelly Gibson – Rookie Account Manager of the Year 

Kelly joined the organization as an enterprise account manager and within six months we promoted her to senior enterprise account manager, for so many reasons: her skill set, her relationship building, her natural leadership within the team. Kelly’s numbers also speak to her abilities. She finished Q1 at 478% and Q2 at 192%. Switching to a new role and new territory mid-year, she built new relationships with customers in Q3 and finished Q4 at over 200%. Her contributions across the organization go above and beyond her numbers. We look forward to seeing what 2022 brings! 



Ken Robinson – Marketer of the Year 

Empowering sales includes enabling our customer facing teams with market intelligence to make them more effective at doing their jobs. Combining inherent curiosity and marketplace expertise, Ken informs strategic initiatives, positions Motus as leader in both current and new spaces and aligns our messages to customers’ business needs. His ability in this and to equip the teams with unified, understandable messages that Motus delivers on every day make him the best candidate for Marketer of the Year. 


Business Development Representatives 

Alex Rocos – EAM BDR of the Year 

Alex is focused, hard-working and committed to learning. She brings an infectious positive attitude to the team and has become a leader for other Account Manager BDRs.  

Andrew McCarthy – Regional BDR of the Year 

To use a baseball analogy, Andrew is a five-tool player. He scores off the charts in grit, intelligence, coachability, attitude and collaboration. I’m proud of him and excited for his future. 

Matt Riccio – Enterprise BDR of the Year 

If you had to model a BDR, model them after Matt. I’m not sure I’ve seen a BDR take more pride in their work than Matt. He’s dedicated to making sure that the customer experience he provides is top notch. That’s for both our prospects but also our internal partners and colleagues. 


Sales Representatives  

Jeremy Gomez – SMB Sales Executive of the Year 

Jeremy did an incredible job helping pioneer the new SMB Sales Executive role. He surpassed his annual number by 30%. His efforts earned him a promotion to the regional sales team where he’ll kick off 2022. 

Katie Lange – Regional Sales Executive of the Year 

Katie Lange is an incredible asset to our sales team. Her willingness to help everyone around her while continuing to be the top performer in the company is truly remarkable. I know I speak for myself and the team when I say we wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of Katie Lange. 

Dan Dietz – Enterprise Sales Executive of the Year 

Dan is very hard-working, competitive member of the team and brings a high level of energy to work on a daily basis. That energy meant he surpassed his annual number by 85%. Fantastic work, Dan. 

Luke Ellis – Regional Sales Executive Attainment Excellence Award Winner 

Luke Ellis is tenacious, and always pushes the tempo which makes him and everyone around him so much better. I am so proud of how far he has come in such a short amount of time. He will be a force to reckon with in 2022. 

Account Managers 

Lindsay Adair – Account Manager of the Year 

Lindsay Adair had a remarkable year. She retired her quota four consecutive quarters and has become a true leader on the Account Management Team. 

Kate Montague – Enterprise Account Manager of the Year 

Kate Montague is a customer centric Account Manager who is passionate about her relationships and doing what is right for Motus and her Customers.  Her hard work continues to pay off.  She has retired her quota for the past five quarters in a row while maintaining a world class retention rate.  I look forward to seeing more for her in the years to come. 

Val Myer – Top Seller of the Year 

Valerie Myer continues to lead the Motus Team as a true Customer Advocate.  Val consistently over achieves on her revenue goals quarter over quarter and year over year. Its most impressive that she does so with the highest customer satisfaction ratings I have ever seen. She is a remarkable teammate and advisor to her customers. 

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