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Amanda Pettengill

About Amanda Pettengill

Amanda Pettengill is the Vice President of Operations at Motus, LLC. Her experience with our customer base makes Amanda an expert on our reimbursement program and more!

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Motus Service Enhancements
Anywhere Workforce

Available Now: New Motus Service Enhancements

Amanda Pettengill on April 26, 2019

At Motus, we strive to consistently improve on our product because we care deeply about our driver’s experience. We want to equip both drivers and administrators with the tools to…

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Localized Driving Costs
Vehicle Reimbursement

The Impact of Localized Driving Costs on Vehicle Reimbursement

Amanda Pettengill on August 19, 2015

Every business trip is different, yet many employers reimburse their workers using one static rate. This ignores costs like fuel, which changes with every trip depending on the length of…

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