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Jennifer has 12 years of experience in the TEM industry, focused on delivering Mobile TEM and Managed Mobility Services (MMS) to enterprise clients operating in all vertical industries. As a Motus Device Sales Executive, Jennifer is responsible for cultivating and managing client relationships, and for providing Motus Device solutions that reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance the mobile user experience for our clients. Jennifer brings over 25 years combined experience in the fixed and mobile telecommunications industry to her current role at Motus. Jennifer’s past experience includes leadership positions at Sprint and NCR Corporation including: Regional Strategic Opportunity Manager, National Internet/IP Support Manager, WAN/Packet Data Marketing Manager, Product Development Manager and Software Engineer.

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Device Mobility

BYOD, Corporate-Liable or a Hybrid: Pros and Cons

Jennifer Warren on September 15, 2020

What will work best for your company? BYOD? Corporate-Liable? A hybrid option? According to Global Market Insights, the BYOD market will reach $366.95 billion by 2022. These insights come mid-pandemic,…

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Upgrading Your Company’s Mobile Devices
Device Mobility IT Insights

6 Considerations Before Upgrading Your Company’s Mobile Devices

Jennifer Warren on August 20, 2020

How often should you be upgrading your company’s mobile devices? Apple releases a new iPhone every year. Should your company join the consumer bandwagon, buying new smartphones for its employees…

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Motus Arriver Services
Device Mobility IT Insights Technology

Company Issued Cell Phones: Disadvantages of an In-house program

Jennifer Warren on August 18, 2020

If your company provides you with a mobile device, then you have a company issued cell phone. Also referred to as a company provided device (CPD), it seems pretty simple,…

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mobile phishing attack

Protecting Your Company From Mobile Phishing Attacks

Jennifer Warren on May 15, 2020

Forms of Mobile Phishing Attacks and How to Protect Your Company COVID-19 has created a new normal in the world. Employees are working from home ─ utilizing their mobile devices…

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managed mobility services
Device Mobility IT Insights Technology

Managed Mobility Services: What is it?

Jennifer Warren on May 5, 2020

What’s the right managed mobility services program for your company? Personal or otherwise, all of your employees have cell phones. The world as most Americans know it would be extremely…

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Smart Meters
Industry Trends Technology

Smart Meters: How Smart Customers Can Use AMI’s to their Advantage

Jennifer Warren on March 26, 2020

The Advantages of Advanced Metering Infrastructure for Customers and Utility Providers Households, companies and countries the world over are concerned about their energy consumption. For some, that’s a climate change…

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CPD Company Provided Device
Anywhere Workforce Device Mobility IT Insights Technology

CPD: Is Your Company In Need of a Company Provided Device Program?

Jennifer Warren on March 24, 2020

Is a Company Provided Device program best for your business? Phones are doing a lot of work now a days. From keeping people aware of the world outside to connecting…

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Anywhere Workforce Device Mobility IT Insights

CYOD: How Does a Chose Your Own Device Program Work?

Jennifer Warren on March 13, 2020

What is CYOD and how can your company make use of it? Let’s start with the obvious. Smart phone usage is standard practice, both at and outside of work. But…

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IoT in eductation

IoT in Education: Classroom Innovations

Jennifer Warren on January 29, 2020

IoT in Education, Protecting Youth and Increasing Security The Internet of Things is leaving a footprint on every industry. Now you can even find IoT in education. The earliest IoT…

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