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Jeff Porter is a Content and Event Specialist for the Brand Management Team at Motus, LLC. With expertise stretching from business vehicle solutions to music you can rock to on the road, Jeff has only the best information for those interested in finding the best vehicle program for their company.

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what does working remotely mean
Anywhere Workforce Location Services

Digital Nomads and More: What Does Working Remotely Mean?

Jeff Porter on September 23, 2021

The pandemic had a large impact on the way we work. Many people who typically went into their office to do their job had to work from home. This change…

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companies working forward
Anywhere Workforce COVID-19 Location Services

How Motus Arrivers and Their Companies Are Working Forward

Jeff Porter on August 20, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the world to reimagine the way we all think about work, forever. We’re seeing companies working forward in different ways. Some chose a full-time shift to…

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traditional versus home office
COVID-19 Location Services

Traditional Versus Home Office: Choosing a Policy That Works for Your Company

Jeff Porter on April 29, 2020

Where does your company land on the traditional versus home office decision? It’s no secret that the novel coronavirus has completely changed the way we work. As waves of executive…

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home office
COVID-19 Location Services

Upgrading the Home Office: From Piecemeal to Productive

Jeff Porter on April 21, 2020

Improving the Home Office and Increasing Productivity Remote work is the new normal for many of us. And a lot of us have had to make the most of our…

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Mileage Log template
Anywhere Workforce Industry Trends Vehicle Reimbursement

The Best Mileage Log Template for Your Company

Jeff Porter on November 26, 2019

How can an effective mileage log template help employees and companies alike? Employees that drive for work have a lot on their plates. There’s the schedule they’re keeping, their destination…

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risks of distracted driving
Anywhere Workforce Industry Trends Vehicle Reimbursement

Halloween and Distracted Driving: A Nightmare on Any Street

Jeff Porter on October 31, 2019

The Spooky Risks of Distracted Driving It’s that time of year when the leaves hit the ground and you can’t escape the pumpkin fever. Fall is upon us and Halloween…

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Motus Arrivers
Anywhere Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Arrivers Enjoy a Better Lifestyle with Motus

Jeff Porter on August 7, 2019

Arrivers enjoy a better lifestyle with Motus At Motus, we work day in and day out to help companies optimize their mobile workforce. No matter the industry, businesses need their…

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Motus Instagram
Anywhere Workforce

Motus is Now on Instagram!

Jeff Porter on April 23, 2019

Motus provides a new channel for Road Warriors to improve and enjoy WorkLife Have you ever wondered who’s behind the Motus platform? Curious as to what goes on behind the…

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Winter Driver Safety
Anywhere Workforce Industry Trends

Improve Winter Driver Safety for Your Business

Jeff Porter on February 7, 2019

Winter Driver Safety and How to Protect Your Business The time to be mindful about Winter driver safety has come. If you’ve been keeping up with news, then you’ll understand…

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