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Motus saves time and money

Managing food and beverage merchandising or distributing involves many moving parts. Creating efficiencies, optimizing the supply chain, running a profitable business, following strict government guidelines and managing a growing mobile workforce are all part of the job. There’s no time left in the day to handle mileage reimbursement.

Uncover time and cost efficiencies with Motus

Automated mileage tracking and individualized mileage reimbursement rates offer food and beverage companies significant time and cost savings. Anywhere workers save time with automated, GPS-verified mileage logs. Businesses also reduce costs with individualized reimbursement rates for vehicle or mobile device usage.

Motus customers reduce their line-item expense for mixed uses assets by 20-30%. Uncover cost efficiencies, drive profit margins and stay compliant with strict industry regulations. With Motus, we’ve got you covered.

Save everyone time.

Operations leaders

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HR leaders

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“Coca-Cola Bottling realized a return on their investment in Motus in 6-12 months.

Source: Techvalidate

“Motus has decreased our automotive reimbursement costs.
– Controller, Large Enterprise Food Company

Source: Techvalidate

Working with Motus, a large enterprise food company:

  • Improved efficiency

  • Increased IRS compliance

  • Increase visibility into employee activity

  • Captured more accurate mileage reporting

  • Provided more accurate chargeback and/or reimbursement calculations

  • Reduced liability

Source: Techvalidate

“The speed and accuracy of the Motus App is second to none. The ability to have peace of mind that miles are being kept track of is great.” – Business Professional, Large Enterprise Beverage Company

Source: Techvalidate