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How Your Business Can Benefit from Motus’ Vehicle Reimbursement Program

Headshot of a woman with an office in the background By Alexis Reed January 29, 2016

Categories: Vehicle Reimbursement

We are a data and technology company that help companies in two major ways. We help mobile employees save time in their day. And we help employers save money through more accurate and efficient vehicle reimbursements. But what exactly does that mean?

Simply put, we take the guesswork out of repaying your workers for the costs of day-to-day business travel and save you money. We take care of the vehicle reimbursement program. You can focus on your core business – not mileage tracking and reimbursement.

Our technology platform automates mileage capture in the field and monitors driving costs throughout the country to calculate and reimburse for employees’ unique costs associated with driving their personal vehicles for business. This ensures fair, accurate, and IRS-compliant reimbursements for every worker on the road.

As the American workforce continues to mobilize, this will become even more important for companies with employees who spend their work days driving for business.

Our FAVR Program, In a Nutshell

Mobile employees incur a whole range of costs when they drive for business: gas, maintenance, insurance, taxes, license fees, etc. These costs vary from employee to employee based on their location and business mileage. Yet, many companies use vehicle reimbursement programs that fail to account for this cost variation. They provide the same monthly payment or reimbursement rate to all employees, regardless of their individual operating costs.

Motus provides tax-free fixed and variable rate (FAVR) reimbursements which account for employees’ unique, location and mileage-based driving costs. With our program, no two employees are reimbursed the same amount; their driving costs vary and therefore so do their vehicle reimbursements.

In addition, we eliminate manual processes in the field by providing mobile employees with an automated mileage tracking app. Our mobile app records business stops, captures the associated mileage, applies commute deduction policies, and establishes IRS-compliant mileage logs.

Though best known for streamlining mileage tracking and the reimbursement process, the Motus advantage doesn’t stop there. We also verify that your employees are insured and that their vehicles meet your company’s requirements. These measures ensure accurate reimbursements for each employee. They additionally minimize your company’s liability in the case of an accident.

Accurate Reimbursements, Growing Savings With Your Vehicle Reimbursement Program

Equally important, Motus reduces vehicle program costs by ensuring reimbursements are accurate and cost-effective. By administering tax-free, customized FAVR reimbursements, we eliminate the tax liability and over-payments associated with other one-size-fits all reimbursement methods. On average, clients who switch from these wasteful, inaccurate reimbursements to Motus’ FAVR reimbursement program save $3,000 per mobile employee each year. In fact, 91% of customers realize a return on their investment in Motus within one year of deployment.

Clients have achieved huge savings, but this is not just a one-time boost. That $3,000 is sustained savings that would have been squandered with former programs. Additionally, clients continually reap the back-end cost benefits of more accurate mileage reporting and improved efficiency. Maybe this is why our clients continue to partner with us each year – helping us achieve a 98.5% client retention rate since our founding.

Improving Efficiency, Streamlining Business With Your Vehicle Reimbursement Program

Capturing your mobile workers’ location and activities provides advantages beyond accurate reimbursements and cost savings. Motus also provides robust reporting that enables you to analyze and boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your mobile workforce.

Because employees use the Motus platform throughout their day, Motus is able to easily integrate and streamline other mobile workforce tasks, like CRM notes, general expense entries, time and activity reporting, and much more, to make work-life better for your growing mobile workforce.

The Bottom Line

In the past, reimbursing employees who drove for business was a daunting process. Thanks to many advances in software and mobile technologies, though, it is now easier than ever.

Motus uses these cutting-edge technologies to automate all areas of vehicle reimbursement, from business mileage reporting in the field to the reimbursement transaction. We designed our platform to increase accuracy and efficiency at every step of the way and to yield ongoing cost savings. Digitizing your employees’ travel data also provides greater visibility into your mobile workforce, allowing you to optimize driving patterns and improve procedures.

With more employees entering the mobile workforce each day, the need for a fully automated reimbursement platform has never been greater.

We make getting started easy.

We make getting started easy.

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