Motus Named 2022 SAP Concur Distinguished Partner Award Winner
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Motus Named 2022 SAP Concur Distinguished Partner Award Winner

Motus O logo By Motus February 28, 2023

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SAP Concur Integration Empowers Organizations to Optimize Travel and Spend Management by Providing Streamlined Vehicle Reimbursements 

BOSTON, Mass., February 27, 2023 Motus, the definitive leader in reimbursement solutions for the mobile workforce, announced today it has been named a 2022 SAP Concur Distinguished Partner Award winner. The Distinguished Partner Awards program honors SAP Concur partners that exhibit ongoing excellence and industry leadership. Motus was recognized for its integration of Concur Expense to offer customers an all-in-one platform that delivers precise mileage tracking and streamlined expense reporting to reimburse their employees fairly, efficiently and cost-effectively. 

A growing number of mobile employees require a variety of tools to do their jobs successfully. For those who hit the road for work, leveraging personal vehicles to fulfill work duties are becoming extremely popular for the flexibility and freedom of choice they provide to workers. However, it’s important for employers to ensure they reimburse their workers accurately for the business miles they drive. Inaccurate reimbursement practices can lead to accidental fraud, productivity losses with increased administrative work and multi-million-dollar lawsuits when employers fail to comply with stringent labor regulations. 

Motus dynamically accounts for both the fixed and variable costs associated with driving for business based on each employees’ unique location to calculate individual reimbursement rates.  The Motus platform integration with Concur Expense organizes all expenses in a centralized location, streamlining efficiencies associated with the often-burdensome task of calculating fair and accurate vehicle reimbursements.  

“This award is a direct reflection of our organizational commitment to optimizing travel and spend management. In order to provide fair, accurate and compliant reimbursements for mobile employees, employers must be armed with tools that are capable of creating personalized reimbursements,” said Phong Nguyen, CEO of Motus. “We’ve enjoyed a long-standing partnership with SAP Concur that has allowed us to deliver greater value to our customers and end users through the full visibility the integration provides. We’re thrilled to receive this recognition and look forward to building upon the success of this relationship in the years to come.” 

SAP Concur partners are evaluated based on their performance, activity and efforts in four areas: creating a positive impact on their organization and/or customers; growth or innovation impact; organizational and/or customer adoption and success; and an organization’s and/or customer’s use of SAP Concur solutions.  

The Motus platform leverages its integration with SAP Concur and Concur Connect to automatically create an expense report in Concur for each employee, eliminating manual processes and reducing the administrative burden of accurately capturing vehicle expenses and processing individual  reimbursements. Motus has empowered more than 500,000 mobile workers across 32 countries to optimize travel and spend management programs. Most Motus customers, including brands such as Bosch, National Grid, Yeungling, Papa John’s and Kellogg’s, have also reduced vehicle program costs and reinvested the savings into other areas of their business within 18 months. 

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