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Arriver Services: The Rise of Services Delivered to Your Doorstep

Headshot of a man with greenery in the background By Ken Robinson December 3, 2020

Categories: Motus Arrivers Vehicle Reimbursement

Trends that were already in motion over recent years accelerated in 2020. Delivery is at an all-time high. From restaurants to grocery stores, people are ordering things to be brought to their door. But that delivery has expanded beyond food. And the reasons driving this change are not limited to safety. Delivery may be less risky than eating in a restaurant, but it’s also more convenient. People are discovering the benefits of having not only goods but also services deliveredThis is why we created Arriver Services.  

What are Arriver Services? 

Arriver Services are a suite of resources empowering Motus end users to find, purchase, insure and maintain their business-essential assets more easily and at the best price. Three services are available today and more will be added in the future. What services are currently available? 

1). Vehicle Purchasing and Delivery 

Online car buying is more popular than everMany people who need a new vehicle don’t want to go to a dealership, haggle with a salesman and sit in the lobby as other customers stream through. They found a happy medium by finding the vehicle they wanted on an app and ordering it to their home. 

To offer this to every Motus user, we partnered with Rodo. All you have to do is log into arriver.motus.com and select car buying. Enter the vehicle you’re looking for and the area you live in. With all that information, you can browse the best options near you! Once you’ve made a choice, you can make the purchase from the comfort of your home. The vehicle is then delivered safely to your home. And, if you’re looking to trade in your vehicle, you can enter that information into the app and they’ll quote you a trade in value. Pretty neat, huh? You can learn more about our partnership with Rodo and what they offer here: https://resources.motus.com/product-information/motus-and-rodo-partnership 

2). At-home Vehicle Maintenance 

Everyone who’s owned a car has had to get an oil change. And this year, when that “maintenance required” light started shining on the dash, a lot of people dreaded the thought of taking their vehicle to the nearest spot some 15-30 minutes away to wait an additional 30-45 minutes as it happened. Honestly, regardless of year or circumstances, who enjoys going to get their oil changed? 

We partnered with YourMechanica company that brings your oil change to you. No more disruption in your day, no more waiting in maintenance center lobbies. Qualified professionals will arrive at your place and administer the requested maintenance on your vehicle. You can learn more about our partnership with YourMechanic and what they offer here: https://resources.motus.com/product-information/motus-and-yourmechanic-partnership-one-pager 

3). Car Insurance Shopping Made Easy 

Every year, driving insurance seems to get more expensiveIt doesn’t seem to matter if you’ve had the same car insurance from the same company for five, 10 or 15 years. Sometimes, the best provider for you is simply the one that costs the right amount and offers the level of service you need. But people don’t shop around for driving insurance as often as they should. With help from EverQuoteit’s easy to shop for driving insurance. 

We partnered with EverQuote to make it easier for you to find the right insurance for the right price. Sure, you’ll still get mail from plenty of insurance companies telling you why they’re the one for you. But, at the end of the day, EverQuote makes it easy to find the best option. Simply plug in your information and they’ll deliver quotes for you to compare. You can find out more about our partnership with EverQuote and what they offer here: https://resources.motus.com/product-information/motus-arriver-services-one-pager 

Why Arriver Services? What’s in it for your company? 

Your employees deserve the best experience you can provide – and it doesn’t cost employers anythingThe convenience of Arriver Services creates a five-star experience. As we said at the top, safety and convenience are key takeaways from companies finding ways to succeed despite the challenges of the pandemicWhat’s more, these offerings aren’t a fleeting trend. Much like remote work, they’re new ways of doing things that have taken root in our day to day. Why go to a dealership when you can have the car you want delivered? Why go to a vehicle maintenance shop when you can have basic maintenance brought to you? These offerings save employees time and make life more convenient for your employees, and they make life easier on your company. 

Your business may have found company-provided-vehicle program convenient for your mobile workers’ business driving needs. Your employees might be used to having a car that is maintained for them. That convenience quickly became wasted spend as fleet vehicles sat idle in parking lots and driveways. Adopting a mileage reimbursement program won’t be a major change to your employees when they have a means to get their new vehicle, maintain it with ease and insure it with the best deals available to them. Learn more about transitioning from a company-provided-vehicle program in our guide.

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