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Tips For Tech Companies To Work From Home Effectively

Headshot of a man with a blurred background By Ben Reiland November 9, 2020

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You’d be hard pressed to find a tech company that doesn’t currently have its employees working from home. And the number of companies, tech or otherwise, that have moved to fully remote continues to grow. But there’s a gap between tech companies that work from home and tech companies that enable their employees to work from home effectively. Here are three ways tech company employers can set their employees up for success.

Work From Home Stipend

This is far from unusual. Tech companies providing work from home stipends include Twitter, Shopify, Indeed and Basecamp to name a few. They’re thinking about all the cost employees are already paying for their place of residence and acknowledging their at home set up may be less than ideal when compared with their previous office set up. However, many companies aren’t thinking beyond the simple “Well, they used to have this so let’s throw them $1,000 dollars.”

Unfortunately, if the work from home stipend is offered as a flat rate, it’s taxable. That means the employee doesn’t take the entire amount home. What’s more, those stipends are not taking into account the costs specific to each employee’s location. The Motus platform can calculate remote work reimbursements specific to everything a company is looking to cover in their stipend. With this approach, the reimbursement is both more accurate and tax free. Learn more about our remote work reimbursement offering.


Following the pandemic, there’s been a shift in how people approach their place of residence. Previously, it made sense for employees to live within driving, commuting or even walking distance of their place of work. With physical offices a thing of earlier this year, many employees are looking to live elsewhere. Delocation has been offered as a perk to employees at several tech companies in metropolitan areas. But it’s not just a perk to employees. Companies can benefit from more productive employees in locations that better suit their work from home needs, and with a cheaper cost of living, a lower salary pay out. Learn more about how delocation works.

Services Delivered

Safety is number one. It’s one of the reasons so many companies continue with remote work. But employees working from home is only a solution to their time spent at work. Trips out into the world for food, office supplies and other necessities increase the risk of exposure. There are other ways to ensure employees have everything they need without exposing themselves unnecessarily. Delivery services are just one of the businesses that has see a surge during the pandemic, from take out to groceries. Those services can extend beyond food to vehicle services and even purchasing.

Somewhere in the world, a fortune teller peering into a crystal ball may see a future where the population uses in hamster balls and hazmat suits on the rare occasions they do venture from their home. We’re not making that prediction. Everyone should enjoy the world beyond their residence responsibly. But trips to grocery stores, dealerships and auto shops are hardly anyone’s idea of must-have experiences. Bringing the service to you means avoiding unnecessary exposure and enjoying the convenience of an hour or so back in your life.

The Future of Remote Work

Some companies are thriving in the work from home environment. Others are struggling to square their traditional style with the new remote work. Tech companies boasted the lion’s share of remote workers prior to the pandemic. According to this Buffer report from 2019, remote employees at tech companies made up 40% of respondents. Tech companies are now in a unique position to lead by example with a more permanent remote work structure. Helping your employees is one of the clearest paths to future success in a time of uncertainty. Take our assessment to discover the best way to support your remote employees.

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