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“Work Forward” Starts Today

Man's headshot with blurred background By Craig Powell June 17, 2021

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Ever since I joined Motus in 2013, we’ve championed our team members and company culture. As a result, we’ve not only seen incredible success as a business, but also grown to a team of 350+, and won several recognitions as a Best Place to Work in various geographies around the country along the way.

Today, we’re bringing that award-winning culture into the remote work era with the launch of the Motus Work Forward Series.

Like so many others, the Covid pandemic put us to a test. But despite new physical and mental challenges, our team’s resiliency, drive, and continued alignment brought us through the most existential hurdle Motus has ever faced stronger than ever before.

While others were toying with hybrid office scenarios or putting end dates on their work-from-home policies, we made the decision early on – more than a year ago – to keep Motus fully remote permanently. It wasn’t an easy choice, but the continued power of our “mobile workforce” and our commitment to making team members’ WorkLife better certainly made it simpler.

For years, expensive long-term office leases have been a burden to the business. It was our top non-personnel expense – and not nearly as valuable to us. In fact, as the company grew at an unprecedented pace, we were already running into challenges with outgrowing our office space before the pandemic hit. Our office expenditure felt even more painful once we found ourselves paying for a product that the supplier literally couldn’t deliver. Freeing ourselves from our real estate burdens opened doors to smarter ways to use our expenses.

Beyond the lease, Motus as a business was built for remote work. We’ve established ourselves as the definitive experts in mobile workforce solutions. For years we’ve built a platform that simplifies reimbursement and management for business use of personal assets – including vehicle, device, remote work and living costs. As a fully-remote business, we’re also able to use our platform to its fullest, leveraging our own products to make our mobile workforce possible.

The Motus team has been happier and more productive working from home. Yet while we’ve seen that people don’t miss offices and daily commutes, we do miss face-to-face interactions with colleagues. Getting together only on Zoom or in person for major events isn’t a comparable substitute for the everyday open office, watercooler, shared kitchen experience where organic exchanges of ideas can happen.

The Work Forward Series is our answer to that core remote work challenge. Partnering with Big Night Entertainment Group and other local restaurant organizations, we’re filling their unused daytime spaces by converting them to pop-up offices for the day. They have the look, feel, and collaboration of the office, but without the daily grind and onerous lease. Put simply, it’s cooler, it’s more fun, it supports hospitality groups we know and love – it’s just more Motus.

Motus has never had set office hours, a dress code, or traditional 9-5 – the purpose of the office is gathering together to align and create. We’re taking that concept and translating it for the remote work era.

With Massachusetts opening up, our first event today at Guy Fieri’s Tequila Cocina in North Station in Boston has set the stage for what’s ahead. We’re excited to replicate this experience for future events in Boston as well as other cities where our colleagues live and work.

Companies going “back to work” are headed in the wrong direction. We can’t wait to lead the way as we Work Forward.

We make getting started easy.

We make getting started easy.

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