Motus for Small Business

Mileage tracking and reimbursement customized for your team

Accurate mileage tracking takes time.
But it doesn't need to take yours.

You're chasing down your employee's mileage reports, administering their reimbursements and making sure their rates are accurate. Every. Single. Month.

Automate mileage tracking and simplify mileage reimbursement for your team of
2-15 employees with Motus for Small Business.

The Complete Package


Per Driver
Per Month

1 year contract - No hidden costs

Up to 15 drivers

Unlimited trips

Dedicated customer support

You Get

Crystal-clear visibility
Robust reporting and trend data

Instant mileage approval
As easy as it gets

Peace of mind
Bulletproof compliant mileage logs

Your Employees Get

Automated mileage tracking
Just set it and forget it

Stress-free monthly submission
Submit monthly mileage with one tap

Painless Reimbursement
Accurate, on-time, compliant


"Motus has removed the burden from accounting and gives us visibility into our mileage costs, while giving us the confidence that we are IRS-compliant."

— Business Professional, Medium Enterprise Pharmaceuticals Company

“Motus has immensely reduced the amount of time I spend working on monthly mileage reports."

— Business Professional, Medium Enterprise Health Care Company

86% of surveyed Motus customers rate the Motus App's time savings as better than other mileage capture solutions.

The Motus App is easy to use. With the click of one button, my mileage is logged accurately and I’m able to save time during my day.”

— Marketing Professional, Motus App User

Mileage reimbursement isn’t your full-time job.
But it’s ours.

You have a lot on your plate. You’re balancing limited resources, tight budgets and a changing economy. Why not eliminate the administrative burden associated with mileage reimbursement?

Use Motus for Small Business to easily reimburse your employees business mileage. Quickly review and approve mileage reimbursements. Automate mileage tracking for your team. Stay focused on growing your business.

Tracking mileage isn’t in your employee’s job description.
Keep it that way.

Don’t let tracking and submitting business mileage steal your employee’s time. The Motus App provides automated, GPS-verified mileage tracking they can submit with the tap of a button. You get compliant and accurate mileage logs. They get reimbursed the right amount. Approving expense reports has never been easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know to get started with Motus for Small Business

Q: What’s the difference between personal and business mileage?

Q: How do I know if Motus for Small Business or a Fixed and Variable Rate reimbursement would be better for my employees?

Q: How easy is it to use the Motus App?

Q: Do I have to reimburse my employees using the IRS business mileage standard?

Q: Can I sign up for a free trial before I purchase?

Q: Can I pay monthly?

Q: How will I be billed if I add or terminate employees from my account?

Q: Do you offer training for administrators?

Q: The Motus contract is for one year. What happens if we need to cancel before the end of our service terms? Do I get a pro-rated refund?

Q: Can I assign or add supervisors?

Q: Can you customize reimbursement report dates?

Q: Can I reimburse my employees different cents-per-mile rates?

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