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COVID-19 Community Support
Company Culture COVID-19 Motus Arrivers

COVID-19 Community Support: How Can You Lend a Hand?

Lara Gibbons on April 6, 2020

Ways To Provide Community Support During COVID-19 COVID-19 has spread from country to country and is expected to grow exponentially in the coming weeks before reaching a plateau. The World…

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remote team management
Company Culture COVID-19 Location Services Motus Arrivers Technology

Remote Team Management: Tips on How to Manage From Afar

Scott Rankin on April 2, 2020

Make the Most of Each Work Day With These Remote Team Management Tips Following a week of widespread closures across the United States, many people fortunate enough to have jobs…

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Children of Motus Story Time
Company Culture COVID-19 Location Services

Children of Motus Story Time: Keeping Kids Engaged While Working From Home

Shannon Burke on March 31, 2020

Keeping Kids Engaged with Children of Motus Story Time As parents we look for activities that are fun, engaging and educational for our children. For the first time ever, parents…

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Motus FYOB
Anywhere Workforce Company Culture COVID-19 Industry Trends Location Services Technology

Your Remote Workforce: How Motus Is Maintaining Transparency and Engagement 

Motus on March 20, 2020

Keeping Your Remote Workforce Inspired and Engaged As the Motus team has shifted to an entirely remote workforce, there are a few ways that different teams are staying in contact,…

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unlimited paid time off
Anywhere Workforce Company Culture HR Hangout

Unlimited Paid Time Off: Essential to Realizing Work Life Balance?

Jessica Chronchio on March 17, 2020

Unlimited Paid Time Off and the Benefits it Brings Your Company At Motus, our mission is to make work-life better for mobile workers and their managers. And because we’re so…

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Volunteering at Motus
Company Culture

Volunteering at Motus: The Importance of Helping Others

JD Miller on March 5, 2020

The Value of Volunteering at Motus In my late 20s, I worked for a company whose IPO created a life-changing financial windfall for me. Yes, I’d worked very hard and…

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Workplace Diversity
Anywhere Workforce Company Culture

What Diversity Means for Motus

JD Miller on January 22, 2020

Achieving Diversity In the Workplace In today’s world, many businesses recognize the importance of diversity in the workplace – diverse teams are more creative, productive and can address a broader…

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Smarketing team
Company Culture

How to Successfully Combine Your Marketing and Sales Departments to Form a Joint Smarketing Team

Lori Christiansen on January 7, 2020

Finding Success by Combining Marketing and Sales into a Smarketing Team Integrating the sales and marketing processes of a business can be a game changer. Rather than operating in virtual…

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Motus 2019 year in review
Company Culture Motus News

2019: Year in Review

Motus on December 16, 2019

It’s hard to believe that we’re only a few weeks out from the start of a new year! At the end of every year (and decade), it’s important to reflect…

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