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group of business travelers in airport evoking corporate travel
Anywhere Workforce Location Services

Corporate Travel: The Rising Costs of Airfare, Lodging and Rental Cars

Denise Oemig on September 7, 2022

With four months left, it’s easy to look at the year’s many challenges. Home and gas prices have soared across the country. Inflation is now at a 40-year high, and…

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relocation concerns
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Relocation Concerns: Inflation and Mortgage Interest Rates

Denise Oemig on July 19, 2022

Increased prices for everything from groceries to gas have made domestic relocations a challenge this year. Appreciating rents, increased home market values and the highest mortgage rates in decades have…

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employee satisfaction
Courtney Bardo
Anywhere Workforce Company Culture Device Mobility Location Services

Employee Satisfaction: Preventing Turnover By Delivering What Workers Want

Courtney Bardo on April 14, 2022

Job growth is climbing in the United States as the unemployment rate fell for the third consecutive month. However, this growth and the rise of wages is accompanied by the…

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Consumer Price Index
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Inflation, the Consumer Price Index and Relocating Employees

Denise Oemig on February 28, 2022

Rising prices, are leading many relocating employees to question the cost-of-living in their new cities. It is important to acknowledge inflation and increasing home prices in many markets. However, it…

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global mobility
Anywhere Workforce Location Services

Global Mobility: A Company’s Best Approach to Home Leave

Denise Oemig on December 17, 2021

Recently the US enacted a new travel policy that allows fully vaccinated foreign travelers to come to the United States. Because of this change, there has been an increase in…

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2021 WorkAnywhere Report
Anywhere Workforce Device Mobility Location Services Vehicle Reimbursement

Key Findings of the 2021 WorkAnywhere Benchmark Report

Ken Robinson on December 7, 2021

What’s your company’s approach to remote work? Do you have a managed mobility services program? How about your business vehicle program? Do you know how your approach compares with organizations of…

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COLA compensation
Anywhere Workforce Location Services

COLA Compensation: When is it the right choice for my company? 

Denise Oemig on November 11, 2021

No matter the size of your company, employees move. And moving can have a large impact on an employee’s position within an organization. Some may prefer to work remotely, and…

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remote work vs return to office
Anywhere Workforce COVID-19 Location Services

Returning to the Office or Remote Work: Which is the Future? 

Ben Reiland on November 10, 2021

Through the pandemic, we’ve written about the future of work. While remote work is here to stay in some capacity, many companies are still looking to bring employees back to a physical office. It can…

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Anywhere Workforce Location Services Motus News

Motus Report Highlights Top Business Travel Trends of 2021

Motus on October 27, 2021

Findings Surround the Current State of Business Travel: Who is Traveling, How Are They Traveling & How Businesses Can Manage Travel Costs BOSTON, Mass., October 27, 2021 – Motus, the…

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