Celebrating JD Miller: An Exceptional Member of Our Team

One of our core values at Motus is empowering exceptional individuals to make a difference professionally and personally. Our people are not only our culture; they’re our family. The bottom line? We take great pride in our team and their accomplishments both inside and outside of our office walls.

Today, our very own JD Miller was recognized as one of Crain’s 2019 Notable LGBTQ Executives due to his significant contributions to advancing workplace equality within the Chicago area. The list is a powerful testament to JD’s talent and the strides he’s made in his career at a time when businesses are redefining outdated notions of success, regardless of background, race, orientation or gender. Seeing JD’s name among the honorees is a truly exceptional distinction.

But JD’s efforts to create supportive workplaces haven’t been an entirely personal endeavor, and they certainly haven’t been limited to the Chicago area. His work has also impacted Motus in a very significant way. Since starting his journey with us last year, JD dedicated himself to promoting a balance of diverse and inclusive perspectives and backgrounds within the walls of our own company, helping to improve our diversity on a broader scale. While the sales world at large has traditionally been male-dominated, JD has been instrumental in increasing the representation of women on the Motus sales team. In an industry where the average female sales representation is 25 percent, we now lead our peers with higher than average numbers of women – who significantly outperform – thanks to JD’s efforts.

On behalf of your entire family at Motus – congratulations, JD! We couldn’t be prouder of you and your efforts to advance workplace equality. You truly are the embodiment of what it means to be exceptional.

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