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Cell Phone Stipend: The Benefits of a BYOD Program

By Jennifer Warren August 10, 2021

Categories: Anywhere Workforce Device Mobility

What work can you do on your phone? Answer emails, make calls, respond to messages, schedule meetings, submit invoices and receipts… the list goes on. How often do employees at a company do this on a daily basis? It’s probably safe to say most of us. Now, how many receive a cell phone stipend? That would depend on the mobility program your company uses. A corporate liable device program means the company is providing employees with phones. No need for a reimbursement there. On the other hand, a bring your own device program would require reimbursement. Why would a company choose BYOD? And why should they provide a cell phone stipend? 

Why BYOD? 

A company might have any number of reasons to choose a BYOD program. Say they’re low on capital. Instead of spending money on devices for entire departments and a carrier plan that covers those devices, they can opt to reimburse for the business use of employee devices. 

Companies could also choose a corporate-liable program for their sales team, but implement a BYOD program for the rest of their business. BYOD offers a low-cost flexibility corporate liable doesn’t quite achieve. 

BYOD may be the choice for a company that already has other reimbursement options. If employees are reimbursed for driving their personal vehicles for work and their personal Wi-Fi to work from home, adding a phone stipend seems a logical inclusion.  

Regardless of the scenario, companies should provide their employees with a cell phone stipend. Depending on the state, businesses may be breaking labor laws by not doing so. Which raises the question: what’s the right amount for a fair cell phone stipend?  

What’s a Fair Cell Phone Stipend? 

Employers have several options when considering a cell phone stipend. Some companies just pay for the employee’s phone bill. Other companies provide a fixed allowance like $50 each month. While both of these provide for the employee to some extent, neither option is accurate. Companies can offer a proper cell phone stipend by taking carrier and device costs specific to each employee into account. Easier said than done, right? That’s where Motus comes in.  

The Motus BYOD Solution 

Companies may not have the time, tech or expertise to analyze employees’ carrier and device costs. Using the Motus Platform, we take all these factors into account and calculate a fair and accurate reimbursement. Each reimbursement can also be configured based on availability requirements for job roles, aligning to factors like more data-consumptive role or even international requirements.  

Not only does our solution empower employees to use their preferred device for business, it also reduces the administrative burden of a mobility program. Customers gain flexibility by being able to add or remove users as their teams scale and can reduce their capital outlay. Interested in learning more? Check out our BYOD solution page. 

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