Change to the 2016 IRS Mileage Rate Raises Questions [Video]

Many businesses rely on the IRS mileage rate as a standard for mileage reimbursement. But the IRS rate, set once per year and based on data from the previous year, is inherently flawed when used as a one-size-fits-all rate for reimbursement.

Motus President & CEO, Craig Powell, discusses why using the IRS rate for reimbursement is inequitable and how a software and data-driven solution provides a more accurate way to reimburse mobile employees:

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The Author

Craig Powell

Craig is a visionary who leads companies to become authorities in their respective industries. A leader with an affinity for cultivating strong relationships and securing strategic partnerships in order to rapidly scale, he’s also an avid proponent of creating a solid culture dedicated to the principles of transparency, communication, and individual responsibility. When not leading the charge toward the future of mobile workforce management, Craig sits on the board of the charitable organizations Your Grateful Nation and Beat the Streets.

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