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Your Remote Workforce: How Motus Is Maintaining Transparency and Engagement 

By Motus March 20, 2020

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Keeping Your Remote Workforce Inspired and Engaged

As the Motus team has shifted to an entirely remote workforce, there are a few ways that different teams are staying in contact, improving their work from home skills and just staying sane. Working from home doesn’t have to be so different from working in the office. You need the basics: a laptop or desktop, internet access at home, a webcam, headphones with a mic, a way to video or phone conference for meetings. 

Once you’ve got that all set up, you’re ready to work from home.  But what comes next?  Namely, how you can balance the level of communication to run your business effectively with opportunities for people to feel connected and secure. 

Here are five things to think about when making WFH work for your company culture: 

Staying Social

If you have a video conferencing tool in place, this doesn’t require much work. Our South sales team hosted a virtual happy hour over GoToMeeting. They’ve been used to popping onto the tool for team meetings, albeit with their cameras off. With all of them there and on video, it helps them feel like they’re together. It was also great way for them to welcome new members to the team! 

Adjustments to Your Routine

Sticking to routines is one key to maintaining sanity when the scenery won’t be changing muchAll the better if that routine includes some activity. James Peska shared some quick, bodyweight workout videos. As a regional sales executive at Motus with a background in personal training, James was quick to share some videos with the organization to help others who are having a hard time adjusting to a shift from their normal gym routine.  

Used to an activity that takes you far away, yet unable to travel? Alex Mordach is taking a virtual trip to Disney with his kids! 

Keeping Communication Functional and Fun

With how fast the world is moving right now, it’s important to stay tuned in to everything going on across the company. The People Ops team at Motus scheduled end of day check ins with each other. And even spice it up once in a while with some wine! 

PeopleOps Team

Finding Your Own Balance

Some of us have had more practice working from home than others. Our Customer Care Manager Laura Julian shared some work from home tips with her teamEverything from maintaining normal work hours (keeping that work-life balance in check) to scheduling time to be social and just to give your mind a break. 

Jake Ernest also shared some WFH tips. Sales, specifically outside sales, is a job where you’re used to working from home or working from the road. Really finding a way to do your job despite changing surroundings.  

Your New Coworkers: Kids and Pets

Many employees have some new coworkers at home. At Motus, we’ve seen everything from dogs booking sales meetings to babies rocking a headset. 

Our Slack channel motus_munchkins even set up a virtual hangout for older kids to read to younger ones.  


Ok. What Now?

When making work-from-home work for your company culture, there are endless options to stay connected and engaged. It’s normal to feel paralyzed on how to move forward. But any step we can all take toward making our teams feel included and ok helps everyone perform better – and just feel better too.  

We’re getting a head start on better remote workforce communication here at Motus. But like anyone, we still have new things we’re trying every day. If you’re looking for additional inspiration for strategies to stay connected to your team, check out Motus on Instagram and LinkedIn to see how we’re all finding our own balance. 

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