FAQ Android App

These FAQs refer to version 2.3 of the Motus app. Please make sure you are using the latest version.

Q. How do I submit my miles?

A. You can submit your miles from the app by first tapping on the calendar icon in the upper-right to access your mileage history. Then tap on the month you would like to submit. Once that month loads, review your miles and then tap the “Submit” button in the upper-right.

Q. How do I turn on my Location Services?

A. The Motus app requires that your Location Services be turned on. The app should prompt you to do this when you first open it, but if for some reason your Location Services have been turned off, you can turn them back on by going to your device settings and finding Location Services. Make sure this is set to “High Accuracy” mode or the option on your device that allows for GPS + cell + WiFi capability. It should be clear which option this is from your device’s settings menu.

Q. Why am I being asked to not optimize battery usage? Why do I need to do this?

A. In order for the app to track your mileage, Motus needs to be added to your Android device’s list of Apps Not Optimized. This allows you to continue using your phone as you normally would while still recording mileage. Additionally, it ensures that when you’re going on a longer drive, the app will continue to track the whole duration of the trip. If you chose to optimize the app, you may see segments of your trips omitted from your mileage log.  

Q. If I change my password on the Motus site do I need to change it on the app?

A. Yes. In order for your trips to sync across your Motus account, you will need to log out of the app and then re-enter your credentials. It will still track miles if you don’t log out right away, but you will be prompted to input your new credentials when that trip saves.

Q. When using Auto Start I noticed that my starting location sometimes isn’t picking up the exact address where I started. Why is this?

A. Sometimes it may take a minute or so for the GPS to kick in and get your location, meaning that it might pick up an address a couple houses down. If you have restarted your device since the last time you used Motus, it’s possible that this may take a few minutes. This should never affect your mileage accuracy however – just the location that displays in your log. You can always edit the name or address of the location to reflect the correct address.

Q. Will the Auto Start functionality work if I force quit the application?

A. No. The app needs to be running in the background in order for Auto Start functionality to work. Once you force quit the application, mileage tracking will not resume until you re-open the app.

Q. What is Bluetooth-Pairing Mode? How do I use it?

A. This feature allows you to pair the Motus App with your vehicle to conserve battery. By listening for a Bluetooth signal when you are near your car, the app will know when to initiate Auto Start and begin mileage recording. Once you leave your vehicle, GPS shuts off and the app will no longer track. This allows you to use the Business Hours – Auto Start feature with virtually no battery drain when you are not operating your vehicle!

To use this feature, you will first need to pair your vehicle directly with your Android device in the Bluetooth section of Settings. Then, go to the Settings section within the Motus App and select Mileage Capture Mode. Tap on Bluetooth-Pairing Mode and select your vehicle from the list of Paired Devices. The Motus App will now listen for this device to know when to turn tracking on. Don’t forget to enable Bluetooth on your phone!

Q. Will the Motus app work in battery saving mode?

A. Yes. Motus will still work if your device is in battery saving mode, but it is not recommended to use it in this mode, as it can slightly decrease the accuracy of the device’s GPS readings.

Q. Do I still need to open up the app to sync my trips?

A. Nope! With version 2.3, your trips will be added while the app is in the background.

Q. Why do some of my trips have a red line and some have a blue line on the map view?

A. A red line indicates that the route was tracked using GPS. A blue line indicates that there was a GPS signal loss for over one mile, and we have filled in the gap using the most likely “optimal” route. A gap in GPS signal can occur from things such as going into a tunnel, driving in mountainous regions, if the phone is in the glove box of a car, etc.

Additionally, if you stop tracking mileage at a particular location then start recording again at a location more than a mile away, Motus will use the optimal route between those points so that you don’t miss out on any mileage that you should be getting credit for.

Q. I’m making a really short trip, but the app isn’t picking that up. Why not?

A.Right now you need to travel at least .2 miles in order for a new trip to be registered within the app. If you’re taking a trip shorter than that, the next location might not show up as a stop in your business log, but rest assured, the mileage you have traveled will still be tracked once you drive away from that second location. We’re always working on making the app more accurate, and we anticipate this .2-mile limitation will be lowered even further in an upcoming release.

Q. How do I Request Additional Miles on the app?

A. You can request additional miles by selecting the overflow icon on the top navigation bar (three dots). You will be prompted to provide the number of miles you are requesting as well as a brief explanation. Remember, this option will only be available after you have logged at least one trip for that day!