Progressive On-Demand Companies Partner With Motus

There’s an increasing demand in the market for services to be offered on-demand – available anytime, anywhere. With the evolution of the gig economy, even traditional retailers are moving toward on-demand delivery of goods and services to their local consumers.

This growing trend is forcing business leaders to solve for problems that haven’t existed before. One of these key challenges is implementing a labor-compliant mileage reimbursement policy for an increasingly mobile workforce.

Labor-compliant mileage reimbursement, simplified.

Progressive businesses stay competitive in the on-demand services market with Motus. No matter the unique needs of your business, Motus offers a mileage reimbursement program that is compliant with strict government guidelines and labor laws. Reimburse business mileage based on local costs – rest assured every employee is reimbursed an accurate rate with Motus.

As more and more of your employees drive for work to deliver products and services, the risk of a lawsuit increases. Don’t end up in a class-action lawsuit. Protect your business with a mileage reimbursement policy that supports the demands of the market and your employees.

Listen to your peers.

“We reached out to the experts in calculating fair and accurate reimbursement rates for all of our delivery drivers. Motus made it easy and it was the obvious choice for our 150 restaurants.”
– Dave Nall, President of Hoogland Foods, LCC dba Marco’s Pizza

Coca-Cola Bottling realized a return on their investment in Motus in 6-12 months.
– Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer, Coca-Cola Bottling

Source: Techvalidate

88% of surveyed Motus customers realized a return on their investment in Motus in 6-12 months or less.

Source: Techvalidate