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Living Cost Platform: How to Do More with Less in Your Relocation Program

By Denise Oemig August 28, 2020

Categories: Location Services

How many times have you heard the phrase “Do more with less” this year? If I had a nickel… As we all know, budgets are tight and resources are limited. One area companies go to first when looking to reduce costs is their corporate relocation program or workforce mobility program. If that happens to your company, what do you do?

The Motus Living Cost platform helps companies make the best use of relocation budgets (and resources) as well as optimize their existing policy to ensure both employer and employee satisfaction. Each company is unique. Some handle thousands of global moves while others have just a few. Some have specific relocation departments, others may have an employee who handles benefits, wellness, recruiting along with relocation.  Two client examples help illustrate this point.  While their industries are extremely different, their challenges were the same: how do we create a fair program with the most accurate data possible?

A Manufacturing Company Benefits from the Motus Living Cost Platform

In the case of the manufacturing company, having the right information was key. With over 1,000 moves annually, their relocation specialist needed to make sure the data they were using was dependable. Previously, they had been taking certain factors, like family size, into consideration. But they were missing a key component: geography. And their abilities to make policy changes were severely limited. By using the Motus Living Cost platform, they ensured success in every move by efficiently serving up accurate data by geography while providing the flexibility to make policy design choices that were right for their organization.

A Retail Company Benefits from the Motus Living Cost Platform

The Retailer had a much different problem. Instead of a relocation specialist, they had one individual (who wore many hats) handling the company’s relocation responsibilities. This person was stretched thin and had a very labor-intensive program handing all sorts of receipts for reimbursement. By moving to a lump sum allowance policy, the company was able to eliminate the average 40-50 receipts per move. With 200 relocations a year, that totals 10,000 receipts! They were also able to install a flexible program that relocating employees love!

Success with Our Living Cost Platform

A Lump Sum Policy is a great way to reduce administrative burden, increase employee satisfaction, and give flexibility to those who might be relocating. These are just two of many satisfied clients who use our Living Cost platform thousands of times per year. Want to learn more about Lump Sum Allowance Programs? Check this out.

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