Mileage Trends Flash Report: Driving Spikes 40% Nationwide

A month ago we released our first Mileage Trends Flash Report, which provides insight into the current state of national business mobility, and highlights how business mileage is evolving across locations and industry sectors as different parts of the U.S. reopen.

Last week, our second Mileage Trends Flash Report found that business driving activity has steadily increased since hitting a low point the week of April 5th, and is now up 40% across the U.S. This trend accelerated throughout May as stay-at-home directives began to ease. Specifically, there’s been a 7% week-over-week growth rate since May 10th, higher than the 5% growth rate we saw from April 5th to May 5th. Here are additional findings from the report.

Additional Findings From the Mileage Trends Flash Report

  • When zooming in on week-over-week increases in driving activity across specific regions of the U.S., the Northeast (7%), Midwest (7%) and South (6%) are experiencing steady rises in mileage, nearly twice as rapid as activity recovery in the western region (4%).
  • There’s also a wide range of activity occurring across industry sectors. Some are showing sharp increases in field activity, while others are returning to mobile operations more slowly.
  • Sectors where activity is increasing:
    • Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
    • Food & Beverage
    • Pharmaceutical/Biotech & Medical Devices
    • Machinery
    • Chemicals, Plastics & Rubber
    • Construction & Building Materials
    • Hospitals & Healthcare
    • Computer Software & Hardware
    • Business Services
  • Sectors showing gradual recovery:
    • Energy & Environmental
    • Automotive
    • Manufacturing
    • Oil & Gas
    • Retail

As business leaders seek a balanced approach to bringing driving activity back up to pre-COVID levels while avoiding unnecessary risk for their employees, we hope these flash reports provide useful benchmarks of field activity and business trend indicators. We plan to continue to prepare and release these reports bi-weekly in an ongoing effort to provide business leaders with the latest information to help them adapt to the evolving commercial landscape.

For businesses that would like further guidance or to talk through what this data means for you, we’re here to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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