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Introducing Enhanced Motor Vehicle Record Reporting: Keeping Your Mobile Workers Safe on the Road

By Motus November 6, 2018

Categories: Anywhere Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Motor Vehicle Record Reporting Brings Insights Designed to Reduce Risk

As customers running motor vehicle records on the Motus Platform, we know you care about identifying high-risk drivers. The more we can help with that, the easier it is to mitigate risk and reduce motor vehicle accidents. That’s why we’re excited to announce some new features included in our Motor Vehicle Record reporting (also referred to as MVR reports). You’ll now have further control over how you evaluate the safety of current and prospective mobile employees based on their driving record.

What are the new features?

  • MVR Scoring: For each processed MVR, employers receive a score and risk profile based on the driver’s record. Each violation receives a score according to type, severity and number of occurrences.
  • Custom Report Timeframes: Companies have the option to filter historical violation data for drivers, narrowing the violation data seen in the MVR report by years into the past. You can configure these reports on-demand through your Motus administrative portal.
  • Pre-Hire Support: Employers can now pre-assess drivers’ risk scores before hiring them using MVR checks, augmenting and streamlining the hiring process.
  • License Status: Employers can now easily determine if an employee’s driver’s license has been suspended or surrendered.

Driver safety is an important issue for businesses – both in terms of cost and employee well-being. There is a rising trend of accident rates. Of those accidents, 40 percent are work-related. Improved MVR reporting empowers employers to identify high-risk drivers and gives them the tools they need to ensure the safety of their mobile workforce. When coupling MVR reporting with individualized training, Motus Driver Safety Solutions help reduce accidents by 35 percent.

We hope you enjoy these new enhancements! Ready to check them out?

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