Motus Honored by MillerCoors as its 2017 Corporate Services Supplier of the Year

At Motus, we take great pride in the positive customer and partner relationships that we can cultivate, which wouldn’t be possible without our hard-working team members whose priority it is to make life better for our customers’ mobile workers. As a result of our team’s constant dedication to our core business, Motus was awarded by MillerCoors as its 2017 Corporate Services Supplier of the Year.  

Motus was recognized for providing MillerCoors with an IRS-compliant mileage reimbursement program that helps them remain compliant with stringent labor regulations by simplifying the reimbursement process for their mobile employees. By using the Motus automated mileage capture solution, MillerCoors can reimburse their mobile employees fairly and accurately by dynamically accounting for both the fixed (insurance, license and registration fees) and variable (fuel, maintenance) costs associated with driving for business. This has freed up MillerCoors’ workers to spend more time on their actual jobs – making and delivering high-quality beer – instead on time-consuming administrative tasks.

The MillerCoors Supplier Recognition Program honors the company’s top strategic direct and indirect suppliers. To receive this year’s award, Motus had to meet the criteria for what MillerCoors considers a strategic sourcing relationship. That criteria includes offering high-quality products and services at a competitive cost, commitment to corporate responsibility, people and safety, and the drive to continue to innovate in the field.

We are honored to receive this recognition by MillerCoors, one our long-term partners that we’ve had the pleasure of working with for more than 20 years. We look forward to many more years of successfully collaborating with MillerCoors who continues to make a positive impact on the marketplace with new products and brewery processes.

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For companies with mobile workers that drive more than 5,000 business miles per year, we are the most accurate vehicle management and reimbursement platform available. Through our sophisticated configuration engine that incorporates real-time data across hundreds of variables, we drive significant reductions in cost, ensure compliance and reimburse employees exactly what they deserve.

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