Motus Integration For Oracle

Motus is focused on improving the lives of mobile employees – those who spend much of their work lives in their cars. We provide solutions for both personal vehicle reimbursement and company-provided vehicle programs (fleets). Unlike one-size-fits-all programs, we calculate each employee’s individual driving costs to determine fair and accurate vehicle reimbursement and fleet chargeback amounts. Our reimbursement and fleet platforms seamlessly integrate with Motus’ mileage capture technologies to drive compliance, increase productivity, and deliver actionable business intelligence.

With Motus Integration for Oracle, achieve full transparency into field activity and gain the actionable data needed to drive better outcomes across your mobile workforce.


Vehicle Reimbursement

Motus ensures companies provide cost-effective and accurate reimbursements for their mobile employees. We consider both the fixed and variable costs that employees incur when driving their personal vehicles for business and calculate a tax-free FAVR (Fixed and Variable Rate) reimbursement for each employee. Our reimbursements are calculated on the individual, employee-level to account for geographic cost variances, territory conditions, and actual business miles driven.

Fleet Personal Use

Motus ensures compliance and drives cost recovery for companies using fleet vehicles. We automatically capture exact business, commute, and other personal miles to calculate the taxable benefit associated with each employee’s personal use of the company vehicle. Our calculations account for geographic cost variances, territory conditions, and the number of personal miles driven. For companies looking to minimize end-of-year tax impact and to recoup costs associated with personal use, Motus determines fair and accurate monthly chargeback amounts on an individual, employee-level (versus a single, flat chargeback amount for all employees).

Mileage Capture

Motus’ mileage capture technologies make the administrative tasks of your mobile employees less burdensome and time consuming. We offer both native and web-based mobile applications for GPS business mileage capture on employees’ personal or company-provided smart devices. For those employees who do not have up-to-date mobile devices, Motus can provide a dedicated device equipped with GPS mileage capture capability. Our mileage capture technologies provide insight into trip-by-trip mileage, capture employee activities, self-populate company location names and addresses, automate commute deduction policies, and populate IRS-compliant daily mileage logs, saving your mobile workers valuable time.

How It Works

  1. Employees use Motus to capture their daily business stops on their personal or company-provided mobile devices.

  2. Business stops are geo-fenced to your Oracle Sales Cloud accounts, contacts, and leads, and location details are automatically populated in employees’ mileage logs.

  3. Mileage log data is pushed to Oracle Sales Cloud as activities associated with the appropriate account, contact, or lead.


Mileage Capture Technologies

Motus’ mileage capture technologies simplify life on the road for your mobile employees by eliminating hand-written mileage logs and time-consuming reporting. Each of our mileage capture technologies is entirely self-initiated and can be paused at any time – there is no privacy infringement whatsoever, which has proven to drive adoption in the field.

Location Logger

  • Mobile-web based
  • Available on any device with internet access and a GPS chip
  • Driver-initiated GPS
  • Location only captured at each business stop – no route tracking
  • Mileage is calculated based on mapping provider’s optimal route

Mile Marker

  • Native application for iOS & Android devices
  • Driver-initiated GPS
  • Employee’s actual, driven route is recorded
  • Configurable business hours with optional “Auto Start” functionality
  • Push notifications remind employees to start or stop mileage recording
  • Visibility into arrival & departure times and trip durations

Mileage Tracker

  • Dedicated Motus GPS device from Samsung
  • Mobile device management software restricts other activities
  • Employee’s actual, driven route is recorded
  • Configurable business hours with optional “Auto Start” functionality
  • Push notifications remind employees to start or stop mileage recording
  • No costly data plan to manage
  • Home charger, car charger, and case provided


Motus Driver-initiated Capture

  • lock-security No Privacy Infringement

    Mileage capture is driver-initiated. Unlike telematics, employees have the freedom to make personal trips throughout the day without GPS tracking.

  • mobileDevice No Hardware Installation

    Mileage is captured using a mobile device. Unlike in-vehicle, installed telematics solutions, your drivers have the flexibility to drive any vehicle.

  • employee Employee Trust

    Unlike installed, full-time GPS tracking, there is no “Big Brother” perception, as drivers are not being actively tracked during non-business activities.

Cost Reduction

The Motus Index™ reflects data across 104,225 Motus drivers for the trailing 24 months. Analysis proves that clients who transition from self-reported mileage to automated GPS mileage capture realize an average of 20% savings in overall costs.


Mobile Workforce Adoption (24 Hour Snapshot)

Driver-initiated mileage capture has driven high adoption across our mobile worker population. Tens of thousands of mobile employees leverage Motus GPS solutions to automate mileage capture in the field. Motus drivers log over 560k GPS stops each month across all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.


Actionable Business Intelligence

Motus Mobile & GPS Products capture time and place. Our solutions provide actionable data and insights to drive better outcomes across your mobile workforce. Knowing where your mobile workforce was, when they were there, who they were with, what activities they performed, and how long it took them is very powerful data.

Our robust business intelligence & reporting tools serve information the way you want, when you want it. Interactive dashboards provide powerful data visualization into mobile workforce efficiency, field activities and driver behaviors. Our powerful Report Center enables you to create targeted and customized reports or modify a complete suite of packaged reporting.