Motus Mileage Tracking

Mileage Tracking The Right Way, Every Day

The Motus mileage tracking app calculates trip-by-trip mileage, captures employee activities, self-populates company location names and addresses, automates commute deduction policies, and populates IRS-compliant daily mileage logs, saving your mobile workers valuable time. GPS tracking is entirely driver-initiated and can be paused at any time – there is no privacy infringement whatsoever, which has proven to drive adoption in the field.

Employees just set it and forget it.
They can view and manage all of their trips, any time, any place.
Reminders help them submit every mile.

What Our Users Say


Motus is extremely easy to use and is as accurate as you can get.

Business Project Manager, Medium Enterprise Construction Company

Motus is more accurate than our previous reimbursement provider.

Business Project Manager, Large Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing Company


The accuracy of the Motus app is impressive. I now have time to do other things rather than log mileage.

Marketing Professional, Large Enterprise Beverage Company

Cost Reduction

The Motus Index reflects data from over 100,000 Motus drivers for the trailing 24 months. Analysis proves that clients who transition from self-reported mileage to automated GPS mileage tracking realize an average of 20% savings in overall costs.

Mobile Workforce Adoption

(24 Hour Snapshot)

Driver-initiated mileage tracking has driven high adoption across our mobile worker population. Tens of thousands of mobile employees leverage Motus to automate mileage tracking in the field. Motus drivers log over 1 million GPS stops each month across all 50 states.


Actionable Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence and reporting tools serve information the way you want, when you want it. We enable you to create targeted reports or to modify a complete suite of packaged reporting. Interactive dashboards provide powerful data visualization into mobile workforce efficiency, field activities and employee behavior.