Vehicle Solutions

Business vehicle programs have never been easier

Business vehicle programs can be a source of excess spend and increased risk. From expense claims to reimbursement distributions, Motus optimizes productivity, controls cost and reduces liability. Motus has the right vehicle reimbursement program for your diverse business needs.

The power of a platform.

The Motus Platform powers our solutions, providing accurate mileage reimbursement calculations, fleet personal-use charges and delivery mileage and device usage rates.

Reduce risk while improving driver safety.

Our holistic safety offering includes online interactive driver training, MVR checks and insurance verification.

Onboarding made simple.

Our onboarding and change management tools get your workforce on the road quickly and painlessly, no matter where or how they choose to work.

Account for every mile.

Once your company is onboard, our location-specific driving cost intelligence and reporting dashboards let you reimburse employees fairly knowing every mile has been tracked and every expense has been accounted for.

Better still, the simple set-it-and-forget-it feature makes capturing mileage with the app virtually effortless.

Find the solution that’s right for your anywhere workforce.

Motus Mobile

Save employees time by automating mileage capture with the Motus App.

Motus Reimburse

Provide fair and accurate reimbursement rates personalized to each employee.

Motus Drive Safe

Promote safe driving behavior, reduce liability and increase compliance with company policies.

Motus Fleet

Calculate accurate personal-use chargebacks for your employees in company-provided vehicles.

Motus Rates

Mileage reimbursement rates tailor-made for the unique needs of the delivery industry.


of surveyed Motus customers realized a return on their investment in Motus in 6-12 months or less.


of surveyed Motus customers reduced vehicle program costs up to 40%.

Not sure which program is right for you?