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Motus Support Goes Premium: What Does That Mean For Your Company?

By Laura Julian October 20, 2020

Categories: Anywhere Workforce

Good support matters. When everything works smoothly, its a reassurance. When they go haywire, itnecessity. A company’s support needs may vary, but good support should remain constant. So what does good support include? What does it look like? At Motus, its a quality we strive to maintain in our current standard offering and bring to a new level with our latest Premium Support offering 

Measuring Good Support 

Good support is more than addressing someone by their first name or sending them a thank you card in the mail. It’s also more than negative reviews from outliers with bad experiences.  

Good support requires a team of dedicated and skilled individuals working with you to problem solve any issues that arise. To have only one person supporting 50 customers, let alone 500, isn’t a guarantee of quality or dedication.  

We measure our support efforts in a number of ways. Perhaps the most important is our ability to solve problems quickly. Our turnaround time, owed to our quick responses, is very high, as is our ability to resolve issues promptly. 

We also ask all our users if their interaction with our support team was good or bad. If the interaction is reported as negative, we review it for learning opportunities. Our customers and end users rate our support at 90% satisfaction, which is best in class for any SAAS Company. Being an extra program support lifeline, our customers with Premium Support rate it at 95%.

Feedback isn’t limited to phone interactions. From customers to account managers, our support team receives responses of gratitude in surveys, emails or account manager responses. These reminders that our hard work makes other’s lives easier are just a reflection of the commitment we provide to our customers. They’re yet another measure of the abilities we pride our team on.  

Why would my company need to communicate with Motus Support? 

The truth is, often times they don’t have to. There are several self-service options available to make administrator and end user experiences better. The help center is accessible inside the app and through our website. It’s full of guides to aid anyone struggling to trouble shoot our application, among other issues.  

When we do receive communications—via email, chat or callthey often deal with technical issues, nuances or intricacies rare in the daytoday process. Sometimes that’s a change in the tax code, sometimes that’s an update to the mileage app. Sometimes it’s a communication sharing gratitude. 

So, why would a company need premium support over standard Motus support? 

Why would a company continue to use Motus Standard Support? 

Is your company’s end user base less than 100? Maybe your company has been with us for a while? Perhaps the vehicle program you’re shifting too is an easy progression for the end users involved? If your company has minimal change management concerns, it’s a perfect fit for Motus Standard Support. 

Why would a company choose to use Motus Premium Support? 

Change is easier for some than it is for others. It’s true of people, it’s true of companies. The learning curve may be steeper for larger end user bases. We often see this with enterprise companies.  With more moving pieces, there will be more of a learning process. Companies transitioning from a company provided program to a fixed and variable rate (FAVR) program fit into this category.

Premium Support isn’t solely for change management in times of transition. Larger enterprise companies often take a more handsoff administration approachStandard Support might not be enough to meet enterprise needs proactively. Premium Support offers indepth reporting and quarterly guidance that advantages companies with knowledge of trends in their end-user base. Consider Motus Premium Support an additional lifeline and deeper insight offering. 

The Difference Between Motus Support and Motus Premium Support 

Quick note here. Just because Motus is offering Premium Support doesn’t mean standard support is going away. Our support professionals will continue to offer standard support to all Motus customers. Standard support includes: 

  • Email/chat/phone support 
  • An Online Help Center available 24/7 
  • Support with Processing reimbursements 
  • Response to Priority Ticket Handling within two days 
  • A shared support team through Customer Care 

Our Premium Support offering is intended specifically for growing or complex businesses. With this offering, a dedicated team of highly skilled support professionals provide accelerated service-level responses for administrator inquiries, enhancing their user experience with Motus. In addition to the standard offerings of contact and availability, this includes: 

  • Response to Priority Ticket Handling within one day 
  • Quarterly Proactive Support Case Monitoring 
  • Program Trend Reporting 
  • Annual live virtual training sessions based on end user trends 
  • Support in semi-annual business reviews with customer metrics & program recommendations 

The Future of Our Support Offering 

We’re proud of our current support offerings and team. That doesn’t mean their future is any less promising. Not so long ago, we were excited to share our new ticketing system. Now take our Premium Support offering as an example. Right now, it is only for handling vehicle reimbursement programs. It’s possible that it will expand to managed mobility services offerings as well. Some support features are only available to administrators. In the future those may extend to the end usertoo. The future is far from set in stone. We gather suggestions from customers, ensuring our offering improves in a way that benefits them. 

If you’d like to learn more about the value our support team can offer your company and its vehicle reimbursement program, contact your account manager or sales rep to discuss further. New to Motus and its support offerings? Contact us to learn more.

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