Motus Rates – Phone

Customized phone reimbursement rates for delivery drivers

When consumers order food delivery, they expect to get status updates starting in the kitchen and continuing through to delivery at their doorstep. These consumer demands put pressure on restaurants to keep up with technology. That leaves many employers wondering how to fairly compensate their delivery drivers for the use of their personally-owned phone.

With Motus, restaurants benefit from a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program backed by the industry experts in reimbursement. You can now use custom mobile reimbursement rates designed for the needs of the restaurant delivery industry.

Provide accurate mobile reimbursements.

Calculating your own reimbursement rates that are fair to every employee is complicated. Our exclusive device reimbursement platform handles it for you. Motus Rates are customized to each store location and include carrier and device cost components of owning a mobile phone, so you can be confident every reimbursement is accurate.

Gain peace of mind.

Litigation in the food industry is increasing, and cell phone reimbursements is just one area that can complicate matters for store owners. But the simplicity and accuracy of our platform makes it easy to comply with labor laws. Motus Rates give store owners the peace of mind knowing that they are backed by experts in reimbursement.

Modernize delivery operations.

Many stores have policies that prevent delivery drivers from having their phones on while working. With a BYOD reimbursement, employers can use technology to their advantage, making it possible for drivers to use a host of tools and applications like GPS navigation. No more printing out delivery directions. BYOD can improve delivery efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

Manage every store from one platform.

Gain flexibility with the ability to batch upload store locations, add more and edit at any time. Give store owners permissions to view their rates report within the platform. Additionally, you can keep franchise oversight to yourself. Custom rates will be delivered to each store, every month.

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