Motus Reimburse – Mobile Devices

BYOD reimbursement for the anywhere workforce

In today’s fully connected world, the line between personal and work is constantly blurred. Now more than ever, it’s important to reimburse employees for business-related expenses. But how do you solve for this when your employees are using their personal devices to both interact with friends on social media and take business calls or send emails while traveling for work? Enter a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) reimbursement. BYOD programs are a cost-effective alternative to company-owned devices. For employees, it means they get to use a phone they actually like, and they don’t have to carry two devices at all times. Giving a flat mobile stipend to everyone might be the easiest option, but is it the most accurate?

With a variety of plans and devices being used in the mobile-enabled workforce, it doesn’t make sense to pay everyone the same amount. You want fair and accurate phone reimbursements for each employee without the painstaking process of collecting phone bills every month.

Accurate for every employee.

Motus calculates accurate BYOD reimbursements for your employees. Our exclusive mobile device management platform factors in carrier and device cost of owning a mobile device localized to each employee – giving you a scalable, individualized reimbursement across your entire mobile workforce.

Customized for your workforce.

Your BYOD program should be customizable to meet the needs of different job functions in your organization. For example, sales reps or executives may be expected to do more business on the go, while others only on occasion. Motus allows you to configure parameters to meet your unique business needs.

Reduce administrative burden and increase visibility.

Company-owned device programs can be a headache to manage – from idle lines to lost assets. With a BYOD program from Motus, there is little administrative burden involved. You gain greater visibility into your expenses – making forecasting a breeze. Reimbursement history is readily available for on-demand reporting and analysis.

Build a compliant device reimbursement program.

The Motus platform helps you create a reimbursement program that’s compliant with labor laws. We understand the state and federal regulations so you don’t have to. Take advantage of a BYOD program backed by the experts in reimbursement.

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