Leading Construction Management Companies Partner With Motus

Business leaders at modern construction and building materials companies are looking for a competitive edge. As the economy shifts and the industry evolves, they should re-evaluate their approach to reimbursement and asset management programs.

The Motus platform can support any company and its anywhere workforce., Anywhere workers can accurately manage business mileage, boost productivity and increase IRS compliance. Companies can effectively manage their mobile devices without excess expense or wasteful idle assets. Our platform insights guide companies to better forecast timelines, execute projects faster and control costs. These essential components are the beginnings of becoming an agile, industry-leading construction firm.

Contain costs and protect your employees with Motus

With Motus, achieve average savings of 20-30% from one of the largest overhead costs — line-item expense for mileage reimbursement and mobile device program costs. Additionally, reduce risk to employees with our safety program. Motus Driver Safety Solutions provide tools and resources—like insurance verification—to keep anywhere workers safe driving between job sites.

Listen to your peers.

The Chief Financial Officer at a Medium Enterprise Construction Company purchased Motus over the other vendors because of their ease of use and technology.

Source: Techvalidate

A large enterprise manufacturing company increased the productivity of their mobile employees by 20-30% with Motus.

Source: Techvalidate

86% of surveyed Motus customers re-invested the cost savings from Motus into their organization by investing in other areas of the business.

Source: Techvalidate

Using Motus, a Procurement Manager at a Medium Enterprise Construction Company:

  • Improved efficiency

  • Increased cost savings

  • Improved fair and equal policies

  • Reduced liability

  • Improved chargebacks and/or reimbursement calculations accuracy

Source: Techvalidate