Progressive Healthcare Companies Partner With Motus

Leading healthcare companies are facing increasing pressure to uncover efficiencies and reduce costs across their organization. Healthcare executives are searching for cost savings opportunities to reinvest in more critical areas of the business.

The mobile workforce is also growing within healthcare companies as technology makes it easier for everyone to stay connected. This trend is creating a demand for transparency into how the mobile workforce is operating outside of the office or hospital.

Maximize profitability and gain transparency with Motus

An individualized mileage reimbursement program offers healthcare leaders a path to achieve their goals. In fact, best-in-class healthcare companies leverage real-time technology to administer mileage reimbursement to their mobile workforce.

Progressive healthcare companies partner with Motus to gain visibility into time allocation and spend. With automated mileage tracking and real-time mileage reimbursement based on where someone lives and how far they drive for work – Motus customers uncover average cost savings of $2,500 – $3,500 per employee per year and typical ROI inside of 120 days.

Listen to your peers.

“Motus has immensely reduced the amount of time I spend working on monthly mileage reports.”
– Business Professional, Medium Enterprise Health Care Company

Source: Techvalidate

Motus has reduced reimbursement costs by being more aligned with actual miles driven.”
– Financial Analyst, Fortune 500 Health Care Company

Source: Techvalidate

Motus has removed the burden from accounting and gives us visibility into our mileage costs, while giving us the confidence that we are IRS-compliant.” – Business Professional, Medium Enterprise Pharmaceuticals Company

Source: Techvalidate