Progressive Manufacturing Companies Partner With Motus

Manufacturing companies play an important role in keeping the U.S. economy strong – employing workers, producing the world’s goods and staying competitive in a global market.

But the manufacturing industry is faced with modern challenges like adapting to new technologies that make it difficult to maintain a competitive edge. Today’s manufacturers are looking for ways to increase productivity, reduce costs and introduce innovation.

Stay competitive with innovative technology from Motus

Controlling costs isn’t easy in an industry that requires high operating costs for things like purchasing materials, operating warehouses and managing a large mobile workforce. But technology helps progressive manufacturing companies get ahead of their competition by reducing one of their top line item expenses — mileage reimbursement.

The Motus App automates mileage tracking for your mobile workers so they can focus on what matters, producing quality goods. With personalized mileage reimbursement rates from Motus, you can reimburse each employee based on where and how far they drive for work. Accurate rates matter — Motus customers save $2,500-$3,500 per mobile employee per year.

Listen to your peers.

Motus saves time, is very accurate, and allows for fair reimbursement.
– Business Professional, Large Enterprise Manufacturing Company

Source: Techvalidate

91% of Industrial Manufacturing customers are likely to recommend Motus.
– Accounting Manager, Medium Enterprise Retail Company

Source: Techvalidate

Motus more accurately balanced field compensation among the employees and saved the company money.
– Business Professional, Large Enterprise Retail Company

Source: Techvalidate