Leading Retail Companies Partner With Motus

Today’s retailers are looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage over e-commerce giants and accelerate sales. Automating manual processes helps retail companies stay competitive, increase productivity and control costs.

Whether selling apparel, groceries or any other consumer good, technology helps retailers automate manual processes and find areas of cost control. Businesses automating mileage tracking and outsourcing mobility programs uncover cost savings that can be reinvested in other areas of the business.

Increase productivity and remain competitive with Motus

With an individualized mileage reimbursement program from Motus, retail managers can rest assured that their mobile employees are being reimbursed for the actual cost of driving for business, based on where and how far they drive. And with the Motus Platform, companies can manage corporate-liable devices or personal-use reimbursements, and explore insights in any solution.

Less manual processes and asset-management means more time focused on hitting revenue targets and executing daily responsibilities. And for the business, average cost savings of 20-30% from the line-item expense for reimbursements and idle assets.

Listen to your peers.

Motus saves me a lot of time.
– Consultant, Large Enterprise Retail Company

Source: Techvalidate

Motus has reduced costs, increased efficiency, and increased the ease of mileage reporting for our users.
– Accounting Manager, Medium Enterprise Retail Company

Source: Techvalidate

With Motus, we are paying a fairer amount to the driver and they are entering more accurate mileage.
– Business Professional, Large Enterprise Retail Company

Source: Techvalidate