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Motus CPM

Our CPM program helps businesses accurately reimburse drivers, increase compliance, and meet the needs of their drivers with flexible payment options.

Benefits of Cents-Per-Mile

CPM programs are a good fit for low and mid-mileage drivers to accurately reimburse for business travel in personal vehicles, using the IRS mileage standard or other per-mile rate.

IRS Compliance and Tax-Free Reimbursements
IRS Compliance and Tax-Free Reimbursements
Automate IRS compliance with detailed mileage logs and provide tax-free reimbursements for your employees.
Optimized Milage Reimbursements
Optimized Milage Reimbursements
Seamlessly track mileage, improve program health and gain visibility so you can be confident every driver is in the optimal program.
Reimbursement Schedules Aligned to Your Needs
Reimbursement Schedules Aligned to Your Needs
Weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly payment frequency options align reimbursements to the needs of every driver group and company payroll practices.

Mileage Reimbursement for Every Driver

Every organization has drivers with unique needs based on how much they drive, their role type and more. Motus enables companies to design programs to meet the needs of every driver, leading to optimal results.

With a Motus CPM program, businesses can:

  • Automate mileage capture for all driving employees
  • Reduce mileage fraud risk and increase compliance
  • Accurately reimburse all drivers, regardless of driving frequency
  • Gain complete visibility and insights across your vehicle reimbursement spend
  • Meet the needs of drivers and payroll processes with weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly payment frequencies

The Leading Vehicle Reimbursement Platform

Motus allows program administrators to easily monitor and manage CPM side by side with other vehicle reimbursement spend. Visibility across driver groups makes it easy to align drivers to programs that fit them best. Flexible workflows allow companies to run reimbursement programs that align to their organizational needs.

Motus has made mileage tracking more efficient while saving administrative time and money. They have also made being IRS compliant very simple and efficient.

– Controller at Small Industrial Manufacturing business

Prior to Motus, the drivers would turn in "handwritten" mileage amounts, with little detail, generally late and difficult to read. Motus provides real time information and for budgeting, that is a definite plus. The information regarding compliance helps us keep insurance requirements for drivers inline and our liability exposure controlled.

– Administrator at a Mid-Market Company

Since implementation, Motus has been using their advanced technology to seamlessly handle our automobile reimbursement program. Unlike many vendors, their customer service team is also top-notch and easy to reach.

– Administrator at a Mid-Market Company

Motus makes it easy to handle what could be a complicated process, reimbursing employees for business use of their personal car. It's tax effective, simple to use and streamlined for the corporate office.

– Administrator at a Mid-Market Company

*Customer Stats and Metrics:

All data, statistics, and testimonials are generated and validated through TechValidate and G2, third-party research organizations. Motus customers review our technology and service through TechValidate and G2 to ensure accuracy and truthfulness.

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Empower your mobile workforce with a vehicle program that reimburses accurately, saves time and boosts productivity.

Driver Benefits

  • The Motus App reduces manual mileage recording and administrative time, freeing up drivers to focus on their responsibilities.
  • Automated commute deduction simplifies mileage log submission and drivers can report their mileage from anywhere.
  • Flexible payment frequency aligns with most common pay cycles and meet the needs of every group of drivers.
  • GPS-enabled business mileage tracking creates maximum reimbursement accuracy.
We make getting started easy.

We make getting started easy.

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