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Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) Reimbursements are the only IRS-recommended methodology that is highly customizable to your company’s needs.


Fixed and Variable Rate

Unlike one-size-fits-all programs that are cost-intensive and unfairly balanced, a FAVR solution is an IRS-backed, tax-free program that is easy to use, fair, cost-effective and accurately reimburses employees for their fixed and variable costs.

Fixed Costs
Fixed Costs
Fixed costs are constant payments but are individually calculated for each employee based on factors such as vehicle type, annual business mileage and geography. They include depreciation, insurance, taxes and fees.
Variable Costs
Variable Costs
Variable costs vary from month to month and are based on the number of business miles driven and geography. They include fuel and maintenance, including tire wear.

Meeting Your Company’s Vehicle Program Needs

With a FAVR program, everyone across the organization wins—decision makers can improve business results with an efficient, data-backed solution, drivers are set up for a hassle-free experience that delivers tax-free reimbursements and program admins can leverage powerful tools to monitor and manage their program.

  • The Motus Platform powers our FAVR solution, providing accurate mileage reimbursement calculations across the mobile workforce and frequently updated cost components.
  • Our simple set-it-and-forget-it approach makes capturing mileage virtually effortless and more accurate, helping reduce administrative burden and keeping costs lower.

Experience The Motus Difference

Hear from Motus FAVR Customers

We now have an IRS-compliant mileage recording process that is easy to use and easy to reimburse our employees.

– Sales Operations Manager at Mid-Market Company

Since implementation, Motus has been using their advanced technology to seamlessly handle our automobile reimbursement program. Unlike with many vendors, their customer service team is also top-notch and easy to reach.

– Administrator at a Mid-Market company

Prior to … Motus, the drivers would turn in "handwritten" mileage amounts, with little detail, generally late and difficult to read. Motus provides real time information and for budgeting, that is a definite plus. The information regarding compliance helps us keep insurance requirements for drivers inline and our liability exposure controlled.

– Administrator at a Mid-Market company

Once our employees bought into it, they really like using it and the reimbursements. In turn, our organization has recognized significant cost savings while staying compliant with the IRS.

– CFO at Medium Enterprise Beverage Business

*Customer Stats and Metrics:

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Everyone Wins with a Motus FAVR Program

Other business reimbursement programs take a one-size-fits-all approach, leaving companies with a program that doesn’t meet all of their business and driver needs or has features you’ll pay for but won’t use. The Motus FAVR platform eliminates the confusion and ineffectiveness of other programs by providing a system configured to your unique business needs.

Other benefits include:

  • A more balanced approach to reimbursements based on each employee’s role and location, removing the “winners vs. losers” mentality that other programs can create between employees.
  • Increased visibility into business mileage spending along with tools and expertise to continually optimize the program.
  • Reduced liability exposure since insurance verification and compliance with policy minimums can be monitored in one convenient location.
  • Motus expertise to align groups to IRS requirements to help you, and your employees, achieve optimal tax advantages.

Mobile workers are focused on their job and dealing with cumbersome tasks or multiple systems takes time away from driving. With the Motus FAVR platform, drivers can accomplish all their tasks in one system in less than 10 minutes per month, helping them get back to work faster.

Other benefits include:

  • Employees receive a reimbursement specific to fixed and variable costs of operating a vehicle in their location.
  • Manually recording mileage takes time out of every driver’s day. The Motus App improves their work-life balance as automated user initiated tracking gives that time back.
  • More accurate mileage logs ensure drivers receive fair and accurate reimbursements, calculated specifically to the cost of driving in their location.
  • Employees can easily view their driving days, mileage and reimbursement history at any time. They’ll also receive notifications when due dates are approaching

There are many moving pieces to running a FAVR program: staying ahead of key deadlines and approvals to make sure reimbursements are processed, tracking compliance and addressing exceptions can be a full-time job. Our platform has all the tools to streamline management of a FAVR program—whether it’s five drivers or 5,000.

  • Our tools and business rules help more than 3,000 companies efficiently manage their programs—and we make it a frictionless experience for admins too.
  • Motus FAVR is a complete solution with powerful tools that make it simple for administrators to manage programs and convenient for drivers to focus on their jobs, not mileage.
  • Admins receive helpful reminders as key deadlines approach, simplifying the approval process.
  • Approvers can leverage convenient, configurable approval workflows to ensure drivers don’t miss out on reimbursement payouts due to absences.

Motus FAVR — Your Partner in Frictionless Vehicle Reimbursement

When considering a new vehicle program, it can feel intimidating to switch from the familiar. You have to ensure you’re meeting IRS requirements and maintaining compliance, and learning all of that in a new system may feel like too big of a task. With Motus, we partner with you to make the entire process simple.

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Align the program to your business goals
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Identify which of your employee groups would benefit from using Motus.
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Configure reimbursement models with zip-code-based fixed and variable costs.
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Create a seamless onboarding experience.
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We Make Getting Started Easy

We Make Getting Started Easy

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