The Motus App The Motus App

The Motus App

Mileage capture has never been faster or easier.

Empower Drivers

Provide employees with an app that improves their WorkLife on the road

Effortless Mileage Capture
Effortless Mileage Capture
The Motus App fully automates the mileage tracking process so employees can focus on work.
Set and Forget
Set and Forget
Employees can choose the auto start and stop feature before beginning their trips. Those that prefer to manually select stops can do so with ease.
Automated Reporting
Automated Reporting
Mileage logs are accessible any time, any place, and our best-in-class cloud platform ensures your employees never miss a mile.

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The Motus Platform

The Solution to Your Company’s Mileage Capture Needs

For small companies just starting out or corporations that have been around for decades, Motus has the right vehicle programs for your diverse business needs.

  • The Motus Platform powers our solutions, providing accurate mileage reimbursement calculations, fleet personal-use charges and delivery mileage and device usage rates.
  • Our Smart Track feature in our app makes capturing mileage virtually effortless as a set it and forget it option.

The benefits of the Motus App extend beyond automated mileage capture and simplified reporting.

Battery-Saving Technology
Battery-Saving Technology
Optimize mileage tracking on your mobile employee’s mobile device by reducing battery drain up to 80%.
Location-Based Technology
Location-Based Technology
With location-based technology, every mile is tracked accurately. Personal trips can be removed with a simple swipe.

The Motus App has made mileage tracking more efficient while saving administrative time and money. It has also made being IRS compliant very simple and efficient.

– Controller at Small Industrial Manufacturing business

Motus … offer[s] top notch technical solutions for our drivers to use to capture and report their trips for reimbursement. Their website is state of the art and is updated as new features are offered instead of just a plug in and go option that is never changed.

– Administrator at a Mid-market company

We have been able to cut back on overall costs by using the Motus App.

– Administrator at a Mid-market company

Since implementation, Motus has been using their advanced technology to seamlessly handle our automobile reimbursement program. Unlike with many vendors, their customer service team is also top-notch and easy to reach.

– Administrator at Mid-Market company

*Customer Stats and Metrics:

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Empower your mobile workforce with a mileage tracking app that ensures accuracy, saves time and boosts productivity.

Benefits to the Mobile Worker

  • Manually recording mileage takes time out of every driver’s day. The Motus App improves their WorkLife as automated tracking gives that time back.
  • More accurate mileage logs ensure drivers receive fair and accurate reimbursements, calculated specifically to driving costs in their location.
  • Preferences and editing capabilities provide drivers with control over logs and submission. Separating business and personal trips has never been easier.
We make getting started easy.

We make getting started easy.

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