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How to Successfully Combine Your Marketing and Sales Departments to Form a Joint Smarketing Team

By Lori Christiansen January 7, 2020

Categories: Company Culture

Finding Success by Combining Marketing and Sales into a Smarketing Team

Integrating the sales and marketing processes of a business can be a game changer. Rather than operating in virtual isolation from each other and missing out on opportunities to collaborate, sales and marketing come together as a cohesive “smarketing” unit to achieve common goals.

Over the next year, we’ll start to see a number of organizations forming a joint smarketing department. The reason is simple. Companies promoting alignment between these two groups have found greater success overall when compared with teams that have separate departments.

The key to those companies that make the switch being successful next year and in years to come? Open, honest and recurring communication. Better communication leads to better integration.

We’re speaking from experience. Here at Motus, we’ve launched a successful smarketing strategy and have seen a number of benefits. While it hasn’t always been easy, it has been well worth the effort.

For those interested in leveraging the lessons we’ve learned to ensure success with smarketing, we’ve outlined a few best practices for combining departments in our white paper, “Smarketing: Successful Marketing With a Different Approach.”

The white paper walks through:

  • The value of having a successful, unified smarketing team.
  • The benefit of having one executive oversee both functions.
  • Why creating a culture of communication and mutual respect is crucial.
  • How embracing an agile approach promotes autonomy in the workplace.
  • Why buy-in from both the marketing and sales functions of the company are required for the joint team’s success.

Interested in learning more about how to develop a joint smarketing team at your organization? You can find it here.

Read the White Paper

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