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technology trends in small business
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Technology Trends in Small Business:  Automation, Integration and WorkAnywhere

Lara Gibbons on November 23, 2021

Staying ahead as a small business means adapting to change. Following the pandemic, most companies have had evolve in some areas. One of the biggest areas of change has been…

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HR leaders Leverage Automation
Anywhere Workforce HR Hangout Industry Trends Technology

Two Benefits of Leveraging Automation for HR Leaders

Jessica Chronchio on June 22, 2017

How HR Leaders Leverage Automation Can Benefit the Business As an HR leader, it’s crucial to have the most efficient processes in place across your organization. But this can be…

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How Advancements Have Changed Phone Technology

Number, Please: How Everything on the Phone Has Changed

John Petrucelli on September 13, 2016

The landline telephone was the first speed-of-light communications technology that anybody could use. The telegraph was invented earlier, but it wasn’t practical to put in every home and office—plus, you needed to learn Morse Code to talk to anybody.

Once you could talk to anyone, mobile, in any language you pleased, everything about business changed. Entire industries sprang up around the phone—not just to take care of the wiring, but to help facilitate the connections and opportunities that all that unfettered communication brought with it.

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