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Cloud Management Software: Hosting Company Data in the Clouds 

Jennifer Warren on November 9, 2021

A company might not always be aware they’re behind the technology curve until it’s too late. Unfortunately, that doesn’t excuse them from needing to catch up. No one gets a pat…

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Enterprise IT Trends: The Future of Your Company’s Technology 

Jennifer Warren on May 6, 2021

We’re only four months into 2021 and at the edge of a promising summer. Still, many companies are setting out their future plan. Following over a year of remote work…

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Modern CFOs Are Using Mobile and Cloud-based Technologies

Tim Brown on April 8, 2017

Empowering CFOs with Cloud-based Technologies The role of the CFO is changing across every type of business. Over the last two decades, we’ve witnessed the advent of tech that increases…

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The Importance of Cloud Computing

Scott Rankin on December 12, 2016

“Cloud computing.” “Mainframes.” These terms are often used without much context or explanation. To a technologist, these terms are really shorthand for two very different approaches to software design, development,…

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