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personal use of company vehicles
Anywhere Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Personal Use of Company Vehicles: Three Reasons to Reconsider Your Fleet

Ben Reiland on May 5, 2022

Personal use of company vehicles is standard practice for most businesses with a fleet of vehicles for driving employees. In fact, it’s generally presented as a perk. Why purchase and…

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importance of employee benefits
Courtney Bardo
Anywhere Workforce Company Culture Vehicle Reimbursement

The Importance of Employee Benefits: Going Beyond Traditional Compensation Packages 

Courtney Bardo on February 10, 2022

The Great Resignation has had an eye-opening effect on many employers searching for top talent. Companies are realizing the importance of employee benefits. Most businesses know the importance of health…

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company vehicle fuel policy
Anywhere Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Company Vehicle Fuel Policy: How Is Your Business Managing Fuel Spend? 

Ben Reiland on September 28, 2021

Company-provided vehicles require considerable management and capital. In recent posts we’ve covered the expenses of fleet vehicle maintenance, fleet accident management and when to replace fleet vehicles. We even did a post on…

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fleet accident management
Anywhere Workforce Industry Trends Vehicle Reimbursement

Fleet Accident Management: What Does Your Company Do When the Worst Happens?

Ben Reiland on June 8, 2021

Vehicle accidents happen. And there’s no shortage of causes. While there are prevention measures people can take, these often come far too late. Vehicle accidents are particularly common among companies…

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fleet program
Anywhere Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

How to Uncover Cost Savings From Your Fleet Program in 2020

Ben Reiland on August 12, 2020

Today’s pandemic has forced all of us to re-evaluate our schedules, our priorities and our decisions. That includes the business decisions we’ve made to adapt to current circumstances: cutting costs,…

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fleet vehicles
Anywhere Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Fleet Vehicles: More Than a Fleeting Expense

Ben Reiland on July 1, 2020

Of the four major vehicle programs, company-provided vehicle programs make up a significant number. According to our 2019 mobile workforce benchmark report, they were the second most popular. A company-provided…

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ASC 842 compliance
Anywhere Workforce Industry Trends

Is Your Company’s Lease Accounting Process Compliant with ASC 842?

Tim Brown on April 25, 2019

ASC 842 Compliance and Your Vehicle Program Lease accounting used to be a Wild West of off book expenses. The culprit? A loophole in the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)…

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Fleet vehicle
Vehicle Reimbursement

4 Reasons Why a Fleet Vehicle Program May Be Right for You

Motus on October 15, 2015

Employers have two options for providing for their mobile workers: offering company-provided vehicles (fleets) or reimbursing employees for the business use of their personal vehicles. While both programs offer many…

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