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unified endpoint management
Device Mobility

Unified Endpoint Management: Why is UEM Important to Your Company?

Jennifer Warren on October 5, 2021

Companies have a lot to be concerned about. For many businesses, privacy and data security top the list. IT departments work hard to ensure the business is safe from cyber-attack…

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Enterprise Mobility Policy
Device Mobility

Enterprise Mobility Policy: The Do’s and Don’ts

Jennifer Warren on August 31, 2021

Mobile devices are crucial to the success of today’s organizations. Unfortunately, many don’t have a formal enterprise mobility policy in place. Enterprise mobility is an approach to work in which…

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mobile phone asset management
Anywhere Workforce Device Mobility

Mobile Phone Asset Management: What Your Company Should Know

Jennifer Warren on July 30, 2021

Mobile phones play an important role in the way many employees function within their company. But just as important is how the company manages those mobile phones. If the business isn’t using a…

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benefits of telecom expense management
Device Mobility IT Insights

The Benefits of Telecom Expense Management: Is Your Company On Top of Cost Control? 

Jennifer Warren on June 15, 2021

Whether your company is small and starting out or an enterprise with headquarters in many countries, telecom is essential. As such, the expenses of are a necessary cost. But there’s…

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cost cutting ideas in telecom
Device Mobility

Cost Cutting Ideas in Telecom: Control Costs Without Compromising Mobility

Jennifer Warren on May 28, 2021

Your company’s mobility program isn’t going away anytime soon. Phones are an essential tool for internal communication and the selling process. But many companies may find their telecom expense line growing unwieldly. What can your…

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enterprise IT Trends
Device Mobility IT Insights Technology

Enterprise IT Trends: The Future of Your Company’s Technology 

Jennifer Warren on May 6, 2021

We’re only four months into 2021 and at the edge of a promising summer. Still, many companies are setting out their future plan. Following over a year of remote work…

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Benefits of Mobile Devices in Business
Device Mobility

Benefits of Mobile Devices in Business: Five Ways Smartphones Benefit Companies 

Rein Brooks on March 19, 2021

Smartphones and other mobile devices are often maligned for their role in workplace distraction, but this criticism doesn’t fully capture their potential usefulness. Used correctly, mobile devices are powerful tools that increase business and employee productivity. We’ll cover five benefits of mobile…

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business cell phone plans
Device Mobility

Business Cell Phone Plans: When Should My Company Switch Carriers? 

Jennifer Warren on January 29, 2021

Business cell phone plans are a commitment. One that you have to be really fed up with before jumping from. Whether you’ve found better elsewhere or you’re just ready to…

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Business-Related Mobile App Use
Device Mobility Motus News

Motus Report Reveals 200% Increase in Business-Related Mobile App Use

Motus on January 28, 2021

Report Highlights Pandemic Driven Mobile Device Trends and Ways to Simplify Wireless Expense Management  BOSTON, Mass., January 28, 2021 – Motus, the definitive leader in reimbursement solutions for businesses with…

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