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Oil prices crash
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Oil Check: Oil Prices Crash as OPEC+ Floods Oversupplied Oil Market

Ben Reiland on March 11, 2020

Why is OPEC + continuing production through oil prices crash? The first industries to be visibly affected by the spreading COVID-19 appeared to be travel and tourism. Then other industries…

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Iranian Oil
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Oil Check: Iranian Oil and Potential Middle East Conflict

Ben Reiland on May 21, 2019

Iranian Oil Production Projected to Plummet as Middle East Tensions Rise The days of under three dollar gas may soon be gone. In a previous Oil Check, we mentioned the…

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Oil Market Oversupply
Anywhere Workforce Oil Check

Oil Check: What Caused the Oil Market Oversupply?

Ben Reiland on November 29, 2018

Oil Market Oversupply and Its Ramifications Remember how high gas prices were less than a month ago? Now a trip to the pump is far less painful. What happened that…

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