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how to calculate mileage reimbursement
Anywhere Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Vehicle Programs: How to Calculate Mileage Reimbursement

Ben Reiland on May 25, 2022

Running a mileage reimbursement, or cents-per-mile (CPM), program without a properly-calculated mileage reimbursement rate can result in many challenges. Using a rate that suits their driving employees will help navigate…

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FAVR Reimbursement plan
Anywhere Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

What is a FAVR Vehicle Reimbursement Plan?

Alexis Reed on May 4, 2022

If you’ve looked into vehicle programs and ways to reimburse employees for mileage, you’ve likely come across the most popular options: company-provided vehicle programs, car allowance programs, mileage reimbursement programs…

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IRS Mileage Rate
Anywhere Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

What is the IRS Mileage Rate? How Does it Impact Your Business?

Danielle Lackey on April 3, 2022

Every year the IRS announces a new IRS mileage rate. That number is generally somewhere between 60 cents and 30 cents. And it has considerable impact on many companies’ vehicle…

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Benefits of Vehicle Reimbursement
Vehicle Reimbursement

The Pros and Cons of Vehicle Reimbursement

Motus on February 22, 2022

Trying to decide the right vehicle program to meet the needs of both your company and your employees? We get it. Choosing whether to reimburse employees for their personal vehicles…

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mileage reimbursement for employees
Anywhere Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Mileage Reimbursement For Employees: Compensating Anywhere Workers

Ben Reiland on January 20, 2022

No matter how big or small your company is, business depends on those who drive for work. Whether they’re sales people meeting with prospects and clients or experts providing a service, these anywhere…

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Massachusetts Plans to Ban Gas-dependent Vehicles
Anywhere Workforce Technology

Massachusetts Plans to Ban Gas-dependent Vehicles by 2035: Is Your Company Prepared? 

Ben Reiland on February 2, 2021

In a big step towards carbon neutrality, Governor Charlie Baker of the state of Massachusetts plans to ban gas-dependent vehicles. This recently released plan for the state aims to meet…

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car allowances
Anywhere Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

The Pitfalls of Using Car Allowances For Mileage Reimbursement

Danielle Lackey on January 4, 2021

Mobile workers incur a wide range of expenses as they drive. From fuel and maintenance costs to insurance premiums and depreciation, they must be repaid accordingly. Tracking, processing and reimbursing…

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2021 IRS Business Mileage Rate
Anywhere Workforce Motus News Vehicle Reimbursement

2021 IRS Business Mileage Rate of 56 Cents Calculated Using Motus Cost Data and Analysis

Motus on December 22, 2020

Motus Reveals Trends Underpinning the New Rate in Wake of COVID-19, and Guidance on Mileage Reimbursement Practices BOSTON, Mass., December 22, 2020 – The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) today announced…

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urgent care reimbursement trends
Anywhere Workforce Industry Trends Technology Vehicle Reimbursement

Urgent Care Growth and Reimbursement Trends

Ben Reiland on October 10, 2019

How Urgent Care Growth Impacts Urgent Care Reimbursement Trends There’s no denying urgent care clinics are a growing sector of the healthcare industry. More and more patients want the option…

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