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Mileage Fraud
Industry Trends

Mileage Fraud in the Workplace

Danielle Lackey on January 17, 2017

Employee integrity within the workforce is something desired by all, but sometimes it is inevitably unattainable. As it turns out, one of the most common examples of employee theft happens…

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Food and Beverage Fleets

Improving Tech Adoption Among Aging Food and Beverage Fleets

Alexis Reed on September 6, 2016

Food and beverage fleets are pinched by two significant challenges when introducing driver-facing technology. The first is retention. As reported by Food Logistics, more than four out of five food and beverage fleets have turnover of above 25%. For one-third of fleets, the turnover is at least 50%. High turnover means high rates of driver replacement, and every new driver must be trained on the systems. The other significant challenge is the age of the industry’s drivers. Also as reported by Food Logistics, virtually every fleet in the food and beverage industry is staffed by drivers who average 40 years old or more.

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