Tax Waste Is Expensive

Tax waste adds up quickly. Find out how much you’re losing to taxes using this calculator.

Why are you being taxed? Monthly car allowances (a flat amount given to employees every month) are subject to FICA and income taxes. That means your business is over-spending and your employees are taking home less than they could with another program.

$0 every work week

That’s 0 gallons of gas that could’ve fueled an employee’s family vacation.

$0 every work hour

That’s 0 cups of coffee that could’ve boosted someone’s afternoon productivity.

$0 every work minute

That’s change that could’ve been used to vacuum an employee’s car interior.

You’ve lost $0.00 in tax waste just since you got to this page.

What can you do? You can avoid taxes altogether.

Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) reimbursements are 100% tax-free. Reimburse your employees a fair amount and help them avoid unnecessary income taxes. Learn more about FAVR programs >>


Annual Tax Waste