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The Challenges of Implementing Enterprise Mobility

By Jennifer Warren April 16, 2021

Categories: Device Mobility

Your company is done managing its own mobility program in house. The expense and administrative burden have had a serious impact on this decision. Whatever influenced the decision, your company is ready to implement enterprise mobility. But committing to a large-scale change such as this has its own obstacles. Here we outline a few challenges of implementing enterprise mobility and solutions to help in overcoming them. 

The Right Policy 

Managing a company’s mobility program in-house can be a resource-intensive nightmare. Many organizations look at changing their mobility program approach to free up those captive resourcesThe traditional mobility program options are company provided device (CPD) and bring your own device (BYOD). When a company is implementing an enterprise mobility program, they should consider the following: 

  • Will the mobility policy be rolled out to the whole company or select departments? 
  • Does your company want control over what applications are on the device? 
  • What are your company’s cost control goals with your mobility program? 
  • Does your company have the option of using both a CPD and BYOD program simultaneously? 
  • If you provide employees with devices, do you want them to have a choice in the device they receive? 

Answering these questions should help you better understand your company’s mobility needs and what program, or blend of programs, works best. 

The Right Provider 

Committing to the change of implementing an enterprise mobility program likely means your company may be ready for a managed mobility services provider to step in. Business process outsourcing is a common solution for these types of headaches.   

However difficult managing an in-house mobility program may be, shifting to a program that doesn’t meet your needs will create problems in the long run. Consider the following when you’re looking at managed mobility providers: 

  • Does the MMS provider have a help desk? Is the help desk outsourced or in-house? 
  • Is there an end-to-end process providing and replacing devices?  
  • How automated and scalable is the platform? 
  • Does the MMS provider offer policies through your current carrier, or do they require your company switch to a new one 
  • Will every employee in the program needs to switch their phone or phone service? 
  • Does their security offering align with your company’s needs?  

If the provider you’re talking with can’t deliver on any of these, look for other options. Implementing your mobility program may be a top priority, but doing it right means less headache down the road. 

Change Management  

Making the transition is one of the largest challenges of implementing enterprise mobility. Any new process is going to see a little friction. Whether employees are switching to new phones, shifting from a bring your own device program (BYOD) or onto a BYOD program. Some transitions will be easier than others. What can a company do to make the process less painful? 

Choose a vendor that has an established record of successful change management tools and techniques to help users arrive gracefully in their new program. A quality vendor will equip customers with tools, resources and expertise that can have both an immediate impact and serve as a resource down the line.  

Overcoming the Challenges of Implementing Enterprise Mobility 

The benefits of implementing an enterprise mobility program outweigh the challenges a company may face bringing doing so. Knowing what your company is looking for in a policy and a provider can make the process much smoother. What’s more, the best provider will help your company through the implementation process. If you’d like to learn more about the implementation process, check out this guide on Implementing a Managed Mobility Service. 

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