The Mobile Workforce: How Mobile Devices Impact Productivity

Technology has always been used to advance business. Today however, more and more companies, across a spectrum of industries, are implementing enterprise mobility strategies. And they aren’t just integrating mobile into their current systems; they are using mobility to completely change how they do business and leveraging it to streamline their workflows and increase employee productivity.

In today’s mobile world, employees are increasingly extended outside the office. Reaching out to new customers in new locations, working from the road, and driving for business has become the norm for employees of many professions. According to Apps Freedom, “84 percent of all companies who view themselves as cutting-edge in mobility report an increase in overall productivity as a direct result from incorporating mobile apps into their business.” Here are a few ways that mobile devices have stimulated employee productivity:

Technology has become very portable.

With modern day smartphones and tablets, lugging a lot of equipment around is no longer an issue. Mobile technology allows employees to use company data and resources without being tied to a single location. Employees are able to essentially take their office with them when they are working in the field – keeping them in touch while improving productivity. Mobile IT can make your team more effective, more creative, and more valuable to your clients.

Mobility increases employee availability.

When it comes to mobile worker productivity, it is not simply about squeezing as much as you can from your staff. It’s about giving them the tools to do their jobs in the most efficient manner possible, ensuring the gains are long term and sustainable. Mobile devices empower employees by allowing them to work whenever and wherever they need. They can check their email while riding the train to work in the morning or participate in an important conference call while out of the office. Rather than spending the first thirty minutes of their work day catching up, they can walk into the office up to speed and ready to go.

Mobility increases the efficiency of business processes.

Mobility is changing how we run our businesses, streamlining procedures, increasing collaboration and connectivity, and driving new revenue. According to the recently published VMware State of Business Mobility Report, which examined the transition from the client-server to the mobile-cloud era, businesses that have embraced mobility realize significant cost and operations benefits, including increased productivity and effectiveness. But the largest impact is seen in top-line opportunities that help companies realize the value presented by mobility. More specifically, organizations that had achieved their business mobility goals were able to bring new revenue streams online 35 percent faster than companies that only focused on individual productivity needs. Additionally, leaders in mobility see an average return on investment (ROI) of 150 percent thanks to the increased agility that allows them to quickly capitalize on new revenue opportunities.

The Bottom Line

While there are certainly challenges associated with embracing mobility (data security is a quick one to come to mind), companies continue to invest in it because of the rewards—improved ROI, increased workforce efficiency and productivity, and the ability to capitalize on opportunities and bring new revenue streams online more quickly.

Nearly 78% of adults in America use a mobile device of some sort. That means, whether you’ve addressed it yet or not, most of your workforce is already mobile. Workers and customers alike are untethered, which is enabling new business models and transforming industries. By embracing new and better ways of working, and by leveraging both fixed and mobile technology, companies can unearth even greater opportunities for efficiency.

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